“There is no God!”

I hear the cry of the saints as they pray and in the background I hear the roar of those who do not believe. They scream in my face, “There is no God you fool!”

Sitting on my back deck this morning looking out over my one acre back yard I hear the whistle of a bird happily communicating with his friends. The soft tingle of wind chimes mingles with a variety of bird calls. The tree leaves rustle in a breeze that brushes my cheeks.  The grass is wet with the morning dew. A tear-shaped drop of water hangs precariously off the pink pedal of a rose as the sky clears from an evening of rain. The serenity is calming, soothing, tranquil.

The whirl of tiny hummingbird wings catches my attention as it shoots past me heading for the hummingbird feeder hanging close by. It sits so delicately on the small red perch. It’s body so tiny it must weigh less than an ounce. Pressing its long narrow beak into the sweet nectar it drinks greedily. Having its fill it flits away only to return a few minutes later to once again savor another sip.

The sunrise was gorgeous. A sky filled with the golden light that only The One can create. Whispy clouds are moved aside as the sun begins to crest the horizon and shines brighter and brighter bringing in a new day. The moon has faded into the glorious dawn.

The bright red of a cardinal brightens one small edge of the bird feeder I have hanging on a shepherds hook. Its quick, sharp chirp, fills the air. A squirrel suddenly darts up the side of the Maple tree. Is it going to a nest? Is that a nut its carrying for its partner’s breakfast?  The sounds, the fresh clean air fills me. Suddenly I have another guest. “Charlie” the Chipmunk skirts up onto the deck. It sees me, stops and eyes me for a moment, then darts back to its home under the patio. Smiling, I’m reminded it’s little dish is empty of sun flower seeds.

How can any one say there is no God? How can the magnificence of just this tiny spot of land in a vast world be denied of its Creator by those whose hearts are cold? How can all of this before me be explained away by a boom?

I need to stop reading the words of hatred and denial from those who deny our Savior. The saints of God reach out in love and yet are rebuked in reply. The hatred fills the page and the vileness is screamed across the internet. They hurt my heart! They leave me crying, “Lord come. Take me from this world of hatred and denial. Take me home so that I may bask in Your glorious love. This world has turned cold and cruel. Your will Lord, not mine be done.”

The words of praise and worship softly fill my thoughts from the C. D. I have playing in the background. Honing in on the words, “You lift me up” removes those feelings of longing to leave the hatred and screams of foolishness behind.  The words of praise to our Mighty God replace the longing to scream out to those filled with hatred and anger, “How do you explain the beauty!? How do you explain the glory of what I am seeing and hearing this morning!?” Oh Lord I have no impact when my words of faith fall on deaf ears. The hatred and violence and denial of You is growing. How do I combat it?

The praise songs on the C.D. end and lifting my coffee cup the whistles of the birds, the whirl of the hummingbirds wings slowly fade as I walk back inside. I can only marvel at the beauty of creation and wonder once again, “How can anyone believe there is no God!”


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Blessings to you.

6 thoughts on ““There is no God!”

  1. “The hatred and violence and denial of You is growing. How do I combat it?”….With words like these dear sister. We are but witnesses reporters on the battlefield. Jesus is the Mighty Warrior and He will prove himself as we write our stories! Do not fear the propaganda from the dark side. I’ve seen tomorrow’s edition. We win!


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    Never doubt!


  3. Hey Sue, while I appreciate your view and indeed agree with you and believe in God myself, I wonder what one might say if they were to find themselves in a warzone. Take a person who grew up in one of the war torn areas of the world and had never known about Christianity. Would they be able to say ‘how COULD God exist?’

    ‘Oh Lord I have no impact when my words of faith fall on deaf ears. The hatred and violence and denial of You is growing. How do I combat it?’

    I feel your pain! But at times like this I remember the Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed and seeds take time to grow. God bless!


    • Hi ajshannon: You are right, we plant those mustard seeds and thank God for our missionairies that spread the gospel to areas such as you have mentioned. The Lord said NO ONE has an excuse to not believe. I think many of us, in horrible circusmstances can ask, “How can God exist?” For me I just hope and pray that my “mustard seeds” are recieved and the Lord will grow them. Let us not forget we also have an enemy that is on the rampage right now. His time is short and he knows it. Blessings to you.


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