Hope Deferred?

Another year has passed and as we step into this new year many of us have many expectations we hope to be fulfilled. The way the world is going, the unfolding of prophetic events leave me wondering if I will even be privy to the joy, hope, and excitement that may or may not come. I hear so many say they are excited about this new year and what the Lord might do. I don’t have that same excitement. Maybe it’s because I’m grounded in the Lord and in His promises. Maybe I’m being too much of a realist. I know that He is in control and when I pray for this country and our politicians I pray His will be done. I know the Lord is going to do what He is going to do. My hope does not lie in the government or a new president or any of the other worldly expectations being fulfilled.

That may sound negative to many but if God is in control then I need to trust that He knows what is best and that the events that are happening and that will happen will be according to His will and for His good purposes. And if something happens that He allows even though it wasn’t His will I still know that He will use what is meant for evil for His glory.

He has told me on several occasions that our present president was allowed to be in office to lead us closer to the fulfilment of His prophecies. In short, His return. I can’t help but rejoice in that even though I get angry and have furious outbursts about this president and our so-called leaders. I hate the evil that is taking place in this world but it is no surprise to those of us that read and believe what the Bible says. We’ve been told and are still being told and warned. He is calling us to repent of our evil ways and yet it seems nothing is getting better. He also tells us that it is going to get worse.  Now how can I get excited about that!?

A new year on the horizon does not change the fact that God has a purpose. I have absolutely no doubt that His purposes will be fulfilled. That doesn’t prevent me from praying. I have heard from some that we, as praying Christians, can bring a delay to some events. I don’t know if that is true or not but for me, I don’t want His return delayed! I wait, I watch, I anticipate, and the only expectation I have is hoping to see Him return on the clouds and hearing the trumpet blow.  Now that causes excitement and joy within me!

Our hope is not in what we can do, what we can attain, some new president that promises to save the world, or some new job, new home or whatever it is in this world that we hope for. Our hope is in the Lord and that when we stand before Him He will say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” That is my hope for this new year. My prayer is, come Lord Jesus, come.


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Blessings to you.

7 thoughts on “Hope Deferred?

  1. For me..the sooner he comes the better..heaven verses here…no comparison…beam me up scotty


  2. The True Light!

    Sue, I know what you are saying. And we should always be aware that the Lord may return at any time. But I do believe we can share in self-hope and the hopes of others who wish and work for a better world. Both good and bad will continue to happen, as that is the way of this world. But the Lord does want us to be happy and more abundantly so, not only in our hope of heaven but I believe on earth as well.

    A thoughtful post, Sue…good for you!


    • I agree the Lord wants us to be hopeful and happy and all that but what I’m seeing and hearing is far from that. People’s hope seems to be who to vote for because he/she will fix everything or some other rediculous worldly thing. My point was/is to point people to having their hope in Christ, not the world. Hopefully we all do try to make our world better but our focus is to be on eternity not the now. I appreciate your feedback. We’re kind of on the same page. 🙂

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      • The True Light!

        I agree that we are on the same page. The world will be the world. There will always be those who look to the here and now for answers to their woes.

        That’s why we need to keep talking about the Lord. He is the One we need to focus on because He is the only One who can provide a perfect world without cares and troubles. But it won’t be on this earth, it is only in His kingdom that we find such peace…


  3. Amen!! Our Hope is in the Lord. He needs to be our focus, not the world. Great word, Sue!


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