Grace Defined – Newly Released


This fictional story takes place after World War 2. Many people were left struggling, some destitute and not knowing where to turn. The Carmichael family made it through the war but when the plants close they find themselves having to make difficult decisions. Bill Carmichael, his wife Joan, and three children decided to move to California but find themselves stranded during a heavy snowstorm in Colorado. Bill’s atheist views clash with his Christian wife and are a harsh reality influencing his children and leaving the door open for the enemy of God.


“This book brings help, hope, and a place to call home to every family who finds affinity and empathy with the Carmichael’s as they endure life’s up’s and downs but discover a grace that is bigger.” Steve Wood, Lead Pastor – Mount Pisgah UMC – John’s Creek, Ga.

“Excellent, realistic, and encouraging. Unabashed telling of the struggles of life.” Christopher Grizzle, Senior Pastor – Buford Church of God – Buford, Ga.

“Once again Sue Cass, with her fingers upon the keys and inspiration from above, shows us a picture in her book, GRACE DEFINED, of numerous choices and the driving force behind those choices. May you write another, dear friend.” Martha McKinnon, CSM – Gainesville, Ga.

“Sue Cass’s GRACE DEFINED draws the reader in, it’s almost as if you were right there, a part of the story – not just reading it. Grace Defined is a true to life intense and captivating story that I found hard to put down. This is a great read.” Greg Holt, Editor and Publisher – The Olive Branch Report

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6 thoughts on “Grace Defined – Newly Released

  1. Good stuff! 🙂 🙂 Buy it.


  2. Congratulations Sue!!!


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