Was it Adam and Eve or Adam and Steve


God Created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve  or  Eve and Febie
I have often been asked what do I feel about Homosexuality as a Christian and this week I was asked again both directly and indirectly. I’m going to share with you some of my own experiences with the Gay Community, it will be a long message with detail which is needed but first I would like to affirm  God’s focus on this very intrusive problem in our society, which is indeed  in direct violation of His guidelines for us  His Children and rebellion to His will and so it is sin,  yet Homosexuality in all it’s manifestation is even being accepted by some Churches as the norm.
 Although I agree passionately with the need to be Loving and tolerant of others I can not water down God’s warning that people who practice Homosexuality are in…

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2 thoughts on “Was it Adam and Eve or Adam and Steve

  1. Thank you again Sue for Reblogging this Message, for some it will be very hard to accept as is God’s Truth in regards to other important Truths in Scripture, some will deny it’s Truth and some will just choose to ignore what may cause problems.

    Thank you Sue for Standing up for God regardless of the cost to you personally against the evil happenings in this Word, which is controlled by Satan, may you be greatly Blessed for your Faithfulness.

    “Christ”ian Love Always – Anne.


    • I keep telling people the Lord gave us a backbone and we better start standing up and being bold and using what He gives us. Some don’t like it but I’ve never been one to really care. ha ha Thank you for speaking out and I’m sure you get guff, too. God’s on our side and that’s what counts. Blessings to you.


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