Unjust Fear?

My grass has been cut, the weed eating done, and a few weeds are sprayed with weed killer. My landscapers have left and joyfully I stand gazing at the chopped off root of a large shrub that would fill with bees and cause problems every time I went to the mailbox. The shrub is gone! Happily I think, now how can I make a little flower garden around that post? Anyone who knows me well knows I love to play in the dirt. My yard is a testimony of much labor, an injured back, and a depleted wallet but oh well, off to Home Depot I go.

I grab the cart and joyfully push it up and down the Garden Center isles of blooming plants, shrubs, and bags of dirt. I’m trying to decide exactly what will look nice in the small space and end up hefting curved cement landscape edger’s into the cart. Now to choose some flowers. Strolling slowing along the perennials, I don’t like annuals. They die and I have to replant more causing the wallet to squeak louder, no perennials it is. I choose three small cartons of plants and suddenly feel a cramping within my tummy. Oh, dear, where’s the rest room? 

Home Depot is known for their participation in not only the hiring of gay persons, approval of the gay agenda, participation in “Pride” parades, and that they threatened to boycott North Carolina. My immediate thought is, can I wait until I get home? The answer is No! A vision of a male swishing into the lady’s room flashes across my mind.

At this particular store, I don’t know about the others, the restrooms are way in the middle of the store and all the way on the back walls. I was not looking forward to rolling a cart with cement blocks and beautifully blooming flowers all the way through the store hunting down the lady’s room. What was worse was the fearful thoughts that began to make themselves known in my mind about the transgender bathroom issues.

My mind begins sorting through various scenarios of what can happen if I enter the lady’s room and there’s a creepy man, or any man, in there or if one comes in while I’m taking care of business. I stop dead in my tracks right in the center of the aisle and take a deep breath. Can I wait to get home? No!

Does this sound like I’m being overly dramatic? I mean so what if a man comes in? Well, the so what is that when a woman has survived being sexually abused in childhood, has been gang raped, date raped or any other kind of raped or sexually abused her thoughts immediately begin to take on the fear of once again being vulnerable to being attacked and harmed.

No matter the healing we victims have had through the years there is an inbred fear of having to experience another horrific attack. Women and little girls are not safe in this world for the meer reason they are female and there are men that want to use them and abuse them for their own perverted pleasures! Wake up people it’s penis versus vagina and unless the women are armed with a Glock or is a Russian female wrestler the penis will win! I do not apologize to those who may find that statement “offensive” for it is the evil world we live in and today is more of a reality than it has ever been before. Get over it!

Stepping around the partitioned wall with its sign, Ladies, after making sure there is no sign indicating this is a “transgender” bathroom, I scan the open space. A lady employee exists a stall and smiles brightly at me as she heads for the sink. I breathe a sigh of relief and decide not to ask her to stand guard at the entrance.

Business is taken care of as quickly as I can and with a huge sigh of relief I dart out the door, and yes, without washing my hands, grab my cart and make a beeline back to the Garden Center. I’m happy to report I now have a small flowering garden around the base of my mailbox and praise be to God I encountered no adverse circumstances while taking care of business in the lady’s room.

Now for the task of getting over the immense anger I feel that I cannot enter a public restroom without fear because of a few screwed up in the head people who want to force their perverse and demonic induced sins down my throat as well as the throat of all people and especially Christians!




Blessings to you.


3 thoughts on “Unjust Fear?

  1. I can well understand the fear. Even without a bathroom law, however, a man with evil intentions could masquerade as a woman to use the Ladies Room. As far as I am aware, the vast majority of men who do rape women in Ladies Rooms manage to get in without a disguise.

    Whatever we may thing of the condition, its origin, or its cure, transgendered men and boys are not hell bent on rape.

    The real purpose of the bathroom law, I think, is to protect young people with no option but to use school facilities. Bullying of the transgendered can be brutal. I presume it would be safer for a boy taking on a feminine persona to use the Girls Room.


    • Hi Anna: I agree any male can waltz right into a ladies room but this law throws open the doors like a welcome mat where otherwise men might hesitate before entering. Now it has become a challenge and a game putting all women and children in grave danger because of a 1% population that needs a shrink more than a women’s bathroom. This is about thumbing the gay noses at God. It goes much deeper than “feeling” like a woman or a man. It’s a rediculous law and needs to be wiped off the imaginary books that Obama has put it in and our so called leaders better wake up to that fact. Thank for your imput and as always I appreciate it greatly.


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