God’s Truth and Power shall Prevail

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“Those who a nation considers its allies can be short-lived. Allies can/will turn and become enemies. The United States and Israel have been close allies to each other for many years. Now it is changing by the United ‘making noises’ against Israel. The ally relationship is changing and much heartache shall result for the Lord will pour out His wrath on any nation that comes against His land.

The U.S.A. is now allowing the enemy to come/try to come against Israel and shall pay the consequences. Your president speaks out of both sides of his mouth and shall regret his words of deception.

Let not the enemy deceive you for the end is near. The time of truth is upon this nation and it is not getting it. God’s truth and power shall prevail. Have no doubt. For it is His timing, His prophecies, and His words that will prove…

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