A Harvest Reeped

There’s an old fairy tale story of Jack and the Bean Stalk. Something about a giant and a huge bean stalk that grew up from a seed he planted. I’m not good with fairy tales so let’s get to the point.

Last year I hung a bird feeder in my yard and thoroughly enjoyed watching the various types of birds enjoying it and I was constantly chasing the squirrels away from it to no avail. Then suddenly I noticed the five pounds of seed that filled the feeder would mysteriously disappear over night. Now squirrels don’t eat that much in a short time! They will enjoy tipping up the feeder and scampering away to bury some of the seeds. The mystery deepened until one day….

Tipping the feeder 8-11-15

The mystery was solved!

Breakfast for Daisy

I named the deer “Daisy.” She continued to return for her fill of bird seed,  so I decided to make her a “dinner plate” after learning she likes corn kernels…


and so do the squirrels.


“Sparky” (I name all my friends) made haste and with great pleasure upon discovering Daisy’s dinner he would have his fill and then carry some off to bury for a later snack.

Luke 8:11 says,  “…The seed is the word of God.” Watching the squirrel dig a small hole and bury a corn kernel made me think of how we are to plant seeds of faith. I know for me it is sometimes discouraging when I don’t see any results from the seeds I plant in non-believers. “They just don’t get it” is often my thought but on the other hand we just never know what that planted seed might produce.

Of course we have to be careful of the type of seed we are planting. If it is a seed of discouragement the fruit will be “rotten.” If we plant seeds of hope and love the harvest could bring a sweet aroma glorifying the Lord. Sometimes we just have no idea what that seed will or will not produce.


While Daisy and her fawns enjoy their free meal and the squirrel is busy planting his seeds for future nourishment…


I shall enjoy the harvest from Sparky’s faithful endeavor.



Blessings to you.

12 thoughts on “A Harvest Reeped

  1. The True Light!

    Very cute, Sue!



  2. Love the Pics Sue of your furry friends, just so amazing is God’s Creation and yes He also tells us His Word which is His Truth will not return to Him Void, it will produce good Fruit.

    Steve a Christian friend says regardless of how God’s Truth is accepted the seeds have been planted and this is True, we know that not all were Happy Clappy about what Jesus or Paul and the other Disciples shared but we see today their fruit in the lives of Faithful Christians.

    “Christ”ian Love Always – Anne.


  3. You must have taken these pictures from my yard! Do you have black bear who sleeps on your back pouch yet ? ! 😱 He/she will not care to much for picture taking and is a bit hard on the furniture! My wife a city girl is slowly adjusting to life in the country. Not to mention the spiders and snakes followed by screams! I love living here! 😍 😂


    • Praise God I have not seen any bear in my back yard yet. There are some just 15-20 miles “up the road a piece” though. Snakes and spiders, yes and I hate them both but I wouldn’t trade country for city, no way. Love my country living. Where do you live? Thanks and be careful of those bears. They aren’t nice. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I have those, too. Plus the ones with the white stripe. ha ha I’m in North Ga.


  5. A beautiful post (and beautiful photos). ❤


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