Every Knee Shall Bow

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“Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me.”

Heads up children of God for stormy seas are on the horizon. Many will perish, much will be laid to waste. Families torn from rooted homes, devastation wide spread. God’s wrath shall come to all who do not believe. Quakes will split the earth, mountains shall fall. Those who think they are above the Almighty will fall as toothpicks in the wind.

Every, every knee shall bow and the glory of the Lord shall reign forever more.”

Given by the Holy Spirit 5-10-06

Scripture ref’s: Is. 45:23 -Ro.14:11 – Phil. 2:10







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3 thoughts on “Every Knee Shall Bow

  1. The True Light!

    Things may surely get worse before they get any better, Sue. But take courage, the Lord is always in control!



    • Yes He is. We have to focus on Him and with all that’s going on and is to come that takes concentrated effort.

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      • The True Light!

        Yes it does, Sue. We are in the “last days” but have been since the time of Christ. His second coming could happen in 15 minutes, or a thousand years from now, we just don’t know. It takes living our lives as “always prepared” for His return, and that’s the focus we should have…


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