Does all Creation Observe the Sabbath? Hmmmm

So God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it God rested from all his work that he had done in creation. Gen. 2:3

Getting up early and watching a couple of my favorite T.V. preachers while waking up and eating a bowl of my favorite cereal I start my usual Sunday morning routine. Yawning a final yawn I throw off the nightie and don some clothes for church. It’s hot outside already so a comfortable sundress will do. Don’t forget to take a sweater, the church is always cold is my thought as I grab my Bible and head out the door.

The praise songs are rocking and the worship songs bring tears to my eyes. Pastor has given another sermon that is uplifting and filled with Biblical information that I can chew on in more depth when I get home.

We Christians, as soon as the service is over, there’s a stampede out the double doors for the nearest fast food place or a local restaurant. Like bees to honey we fast track out of the parking lot and let nothing get in our way. Our focus has shifted from the eternal to the present growling within the confines of our stomach. Gluttony is non-existent, at least until we hold our full stomach and groan.

After a good meal some go home and take naps, some turn on a ball game, and some just sit out on their deck with the overhead fan whipping the hot air around and watching other creations of God enjoying the Sabbath. Like me!

God said we should rest and reflect on Him on the Sabbath. Sitting on my deck I realize as my furry friends show up for their daily dinner of corn kernels that God must not have been talking about just humans when He said it is a day of rest.

I’m sure “Daisy Mae,” “Bonnie,” and the others have had a busy week dodging traffic, staying clear of snakes and out-of-season hunters, foraging for food, and just staying clear of the general population of humans.

Like Christians after church rushing to beat the crowd at the local eatery, my furry friends seem to enjoy Sue’s place. It’s peaceful, the food is good, she’s non-threatening, and unless the neighbor let’s his dogs out, they seem quite comfortable enjoying their Sabbath.

Breakfast for Daisy

A fine lunch of fresh corn kernels

Part of Daisy Mae's family 7-24-16

A  quick nap after lunch

2 of my furry friends

and time to head home and get ready for the hustle and bustle of a new week.

Maybe they aren’t that much different from us,  or……………………… maybe these are Christian deer!

Blessings to you.

8 thoughts on “Does all Creation Observe the Sabbath? Hmmmm

  1. “Christian deer!!!!” I love it! They are so beautiful. I’m one fkr taking naps on the Sabbath after service. But I think I’d enjoy doing what you do too.


  2. Christian deer! Haha. Love it! I’m one for taking naps. But I’d love to do what you are doing too. Happy Sabbath, Sue!


  3. The True Light!

    I don’t do much on the Lord’s Day myself…go to church, eat, and watch a ball game perhaps. I used to have to work on many Sundays, but now I’m retired.



    • I’m retired, too, Steve and love it. I look forward to my furry friends every morning and evening. Enjoy your Sundays of just kicking back. God is good. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • The True Light!

        I’m glad you enjoy your retirement! I was forced into a disability retirement about 9 years ago…way too young!

        I miss working, and wish I could have continued on with it for a while longer. But retirement does allow me time to do more things…

        Enjoy your furry friends! Have a great day.



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