The MOST IMPORTANT Presidential Election in American History: What Kind of American Will You Vote For?

The MOST IMPORTANT Presidential Election in American History: What Kind of America Will You Vote for?


For those who have read my previous articles, you will know that this writer is no fan of Donald Trump. Yet I will say it again, anyone who votes for Hillary Clinton to be president of the United States may as well be standing in the streets of America shouting, “death to the US!”

Trump wants to put a stop to Muslim immigration and stop immigration from countries that have terrorism issues as well. Hillary on the other hand desires to up immigration levels by well over 100%. Can the U.S. really afford to have so many more un-vetted immigrants coming here especially from the Middle East? The bottom line here is that immigration should benefit the host nation, not place said nation at serious risk.

Donald Trump speaks of building a wall on the border between Mexico and the U.S. Hillary on the other hand wants to open the borders even further. Hillary Clinton has naively stated that our Southern border is secure! – even going so far as to say this according to The Washington Times:

Improvements under President George W. Bush and President Obama, including several hundred miles of fencing, have cut net illegal immigration from Mexico to zero.

Here is the reality: The FBI further documented gangs in Southwestern border regions consisting of up to 80 percent illegal aliens were committing a multitude of crimes in America, “including drug-related crimes, weapons trafficking, alien smuggling, human trafficking, prostitution, extortion, robbery, auto theft, assault, homicide, racketeering, and money laundering.”

A Mexican cartel cut a hole through the fence in Arizona and drove into the U.S.

How about severed human heads being delivered to police stations in Southern border-states to “get the message” across not to mess with the Mexican cartels? If you really want to know what goes on at our Southern border, watch this video – be warned it is graphic and unpleasant.

Does this strike you as a secure Southern U.S. border?

Open U.S. borders lead the way to the possibility of the North American Union; a plan to turn Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. into one big happy family. It’s not a conspiracy when there is plenty of evidence to support the possibility of this happening. Hillary Clinton supports this – do you? Trump on the other hand is firmly against this kind of idiocy.

Can America really afford to have such a blatant liar like Hillary Clinton installed in the highest office in the land? Read this story by WND on the Clintons, it’s an eye opener if you are not familiar with all the scandals and criminal activity the Clintons have gotten away with.

Donald Trump may be brash, un-presidential in some respects, and need some work on some of his ideas – but do we really want, or more the point, can the U.S. really afford to have a lying criminal as president? Yes all politicians tell lies or half-truths, but if Satan is the Father of lies, then Hillary is most definitely the offspring of lies.

Anyone who thinks that this country has deteriorated markedly since Obama took office is correct – but if Hillary wins the election things will get even worse. Hillary supports Obama’s failed and dangerous policies and will seek to broaden them even more. The Clintons are all about lining their pockets and amassing power, while at the same time pushing the U.S. towards a One World Government, which begins, with the North American Union mentioned above.

This writer believes that Donald Trump’s heart is in the right place, desiring the good of this country. There is a bit of tarnish on the brass I admit, but the brass can be cleaned and polished. On the other side of the isle, well, late blight cannot be cured – it is always deadly.

Call it what you will – a vote for anyone other than Donald Trump is a vote for Hillary Clinton. Not voting whatever the reason will only serve to give the win to Hillary.

The voter’s choices this election year are pretty cut and dried:

If you desire to see the status quo maintained, the political corruption, if you are in favor of Americans NOT having guns, if you like open U.S. borders, approve of unfair trade deals, are ok with the Iran nuke deal, if you think the degradation of the U.S. military is fine, are ok with the U.S. not being respected on the international stage, and like Obama-care – then vote for Hillary Clinton.

If on the other hand you: want the U.S. military restored to it’s fighting best, want to see the U.S. Southern border made secure, trade deals that are fair to the U.S., the Iran nuke deal revised or eliminated, the economy strengthened, Obama-care repealed, Americans able to KEEP their guns, Christians protected instead of thrown to the wolves, immigration problems addressed, political corruption addressed instead of swept under the table – then vote for Donald Trump.

Originally published on Eagle Rising

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Presidential elections are always important, yet this one is the most important election America has ever seen. America is at a crossroads, a choice between two contenders – one that promises to restore America to her former greatness, and one who will continue the blatant criminality that is the legacy of the Clintons.

8 thoughts on “The MOST IMPORTANT Presidential Election in American History: What Kind of American Will You Vote For?

  1. Reblogged this on Cyber Support Group and commented:

    With this being a blog about abuse I decided to include “abuse of power.” May God’s will be done in this election.


  2. When I was a Leader Sue for the Philosophy of Christian Womanhood, approx 25 years ago, we were told that Australia was about 15 years behind America but now that time is a lot less and we are adopting America’s focus a lot sooner.

    Did you know Sue that Hillary Clinton is a member of Emily’s List which supports Abortion, even late term?, below is a Power Point I created years ago, it is controversial and one of my longest but it is based on God’s Truth which is being watered down even by some in the Church today..

    A Woman’s Focus –

    Christian Love and Blessings – Anne.


    • Hi Anne: How any woman can stand smiling down at her new grandchild, like Hillary did recently, and advocate killing a child right up to a few seconds before it leaves the womb is absolute evil to me! That woman is just about as crooked and evil as anyone can get. God help us if she gets to be president. I’m not thrilled with Trump but to vote for that woman is to vote for satan. Thank you for your input and blessings to you.


  3. The True Light!

    This is striking news, Susan, especially about the Mexican drug cartels. I agree with the majority of Americans…I don’t care for either presidential candidate! But one or the other will be elected, albeit with mixed emotions and probably results to match!



    • I’m with you, Steve. We certainly have not been given a very good choice in this election. Voting for Hillary is like putting satan in office. That’s my opinion anyway. I pray if Trump gets in he’ll at least accomplish some of the things he’s promised. In the mean time I’m praying the Lord will come for us before Nov. 🙂 Thanks for your input. Blessings to you.

      Liked by 1 person

      • The True Light!

        Now to have the Lord running things would be the dream of eternal justice, joy, and righteousness!

        I’m leaning your way, Sue. No to Clinton, and “Hope” for Trump if he gets in…


        Liked by 1 person

  4. I am torn. Both candidates are, in my view, deeply flawed. May God help this country.


    • You definitely are not alone in that feeling, Anna. But if we vote for Hillary we are most definitely doomed! That’s how I feel about it anyway. The woman is just plain evil.


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