Obama Puts Martial Law Into Effect

Obama Signs Executive Order – Puts Martial Law Into Effect

Obama recently dropped a bombshell on Americans when he used an executive action to expand his authority and quietly signed the order called National Defense Resources Preparedness which puts our nation in a permanent state of martial law that only needs to be activated by the President, whenever he should so choose to do so.

A frightening aspect of the latest version is that acts of aggression towards the United States homeland by outside forces is no longer required in order for implementation. Obama’s version states specifically that it can apply during peace time as well, and that all actions specified within the order are under Obama’s direction.

The entire economy will come under the president’s direction once the order is implemented and he will issue regulations establishing nationwide procedures and standards of production. This will include the control of “general distribution of any material (including applicable services) to the civilian market.”

Additionally all manufacturing will cease unless approved by the president and anything that is produced the government will be given first rights to. It will also give the administration the authority to seize private companies and facilities and modify or change they way they operate as it sees fit, which pretty much means that private business will be told what they can make, how they’re supposed to make it, and when they have to make it.

Civilian transportation of all types will also fall under its control along with food supplies, all forms of energy production, farms and farm equipment, water resources, and all healthcare resources.

Within it FEMA camps are also mentioned and given the authority to carry out emergency preparedness mandates as specified in the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief Act. The act is what created the ‘temporary housing’ facilities for people who have been displaced which we all know as FEMA camps.

Such changes to something should be enough to send chills down the backs of Americans nationwide. There’s no need for the complete takeover of the nation during times of peace under the guise of ‘national defense’ no matter which way you look at it so one has to wonder, what do they know that we don’t?

2 thoughts on “Obama Puts Martial Law Into Effect

  1. Thank you Sue for sharing Joe’s update, it is a warning of what is to come World wide. I appreciate being kept up to date with whats happening in America and in other Countries, we must be alert now that we are in the end times and watch for the signs.

    Christian Love and Blessings – Anne.


  2. Hi Anne: There’s a lot going on in this country and not for the good, that’s for sure. The Lord continues to warn us but it just seems no-one is listening. The good news is that revivals are starting to take place in various areas with the young people. The Lord said He will pour out His anointing on our sons and daughters in the end times and wow, it is happening. Praise God. You might like http://www.perrystone.com site. He is a fabulous Bible Prophecy teacher and is involved big time in youth. Blessings to you.


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