6 thoughts on “Borderline Personality Disorder can be Treated

  1. The True Light!

    Some very interesting information here, Sue. Thanks for sharing it…



  2. I have seen Sue, Secular Psychiatry do more harm than good, yes most people will experience some of these emotions throughout their lives and Jesus did too but of course this article is referring to those who have them in the extreme but sadly what the world offers as help is very limited, only God can Heal and give True freedom from our negative emotional problems, regardless of how life limiting they are.

    Christian Love and Blessings – Anne.


    • Like you, Anne, I have seen secular psychiatry do harm but I have also seen Christian counseling do even greater damage due to the fact that through counselors who are “Christians” and NOT a Christian counselor, and pastors, destroy the trust one has in not only Christ but the church. I have ministered to people who have walked away from the Lord and the church due to this. Yes, Christ is our Healer and we are to seek His healing. There are those who will not do that and we are to love them back to life. I would not have gone to a Christian counselor for anything in the world when I first sought help years ago due to distrust and deep seeded anger at God. But In His time and with some healing through a secular psychiatrist He led me to His church and people who loved me, helped me, and yes, into a Christian counselors office. He can use anyone, even the secular, to accomplish His purposes. He knows our needs and will meet them.


      • Yes I agree with you Sue and very much so because a lot of Christian Counselors training today comes from Secular Psychiatry or from their own Agenda and not from Trusting and believing in God’s Truth but sadly some don’t even know it.

        One supposedly well known Christian Counselor, whom I heard about and also later knew personally was into New Age Teaching as well as other worldly understanding. This woman told a husband she was Counseling to leave his wife, which is something God tells us we must not do because it shows a hard heart or in other words, lack of forgiveness, unless there is extreme physical abuse which He does not condone either and for protection allows Separation. This Counselor was waiting for her Divorce to be finalized so she could Marry her Boyfriend who was not a Christian???

        God’s Truth as you shared Sue is everywhere, just as Satan’s lies are too but God’sTruth and there is only one Truth, is always more Powerful and that is why I’m a Christian today, yes I realized that God was Love and can do No evil but also that He wanted me personally and chose to need me, nobody ever did that before, at least not long term but God does and for Eternity too.

        A Song that I heard as as an Aggro Atheist, made a great impact on me, it was not known as a Christian Song but later as a Christian I realized the words were indeed, I will leave a link for you Sue, I’m sure you will have heard it too.


        God will use what we have and give us what we need – Blessings – Anne.


  3. I have not only heard that song but have her L.P. that has that song on it. 🙂 I’ve listened to it many, many times. Thanks for reminding me of it. I’ll have to pull it out and listen again. Have a blessed week-end.


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