Dangers In The Pew

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Ok, so, this post won’t, necessarily, be for everyone out there, and if you have not been in leadership, and/or you haven’t been in church for a very long time, this probably won’t even be of interest to you. However, I came across these notes the other day, and I was reminded of the book by Pastor Jim Bolin titled, “Recognizing the Spirits That Hinder the Flow of God.”I thought it might be helpful to those readers who are pastors, leaders or even church members who want to be a benefit to your church family (and pastor) rather than a hindrance… 😉

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Often times, sinners aren’t the ones who destroy the church, well-meaning Christians do. Everyone one of us who call ourselves part of the Body of Christ should be aware of this fact and shield our hearts from this temptation. We were not created to be dividers of the…

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2 thoughts on “Dangers In The Pew

  1. Thanks for the repost. Hope it helps someone. 😊 … Ps. Sorry about the New Angle “giveaway” tonight! I’ve been having problems with the WP app lately, and it posted that tonight when it’s not supposed to post till Saturday! Ugh! So, keep it “under your hat,” and you’ll have a ‘great guess’ on Friday! 😂💕


  2. Hope you’re doing well and on the mend!


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