All Praise, Honor, and Glory is the Lord’s





“I have zero tolerance to pain!” The anesthesiologist looks at me and smiles. “I’m not kidding! I better not know I’m even in this hospital, much less hearing any sawing, hammering, and slicing!” He sees I am a wee bit scared and assures me I will know nothing of what is going on.

Three weeks before as the Orthopedic surgeon lifts my leg, asks me to bend my knee, and examines my hip, he tells me I am going to have to have a total hip replacement. “Your hip is shot. It has to come out.” I suspected that would be the diagnosis but what really threw me was what he told me next. “The surgery takes about forty-five minutes and you will be up and walking two hours after surgery.” “You can’t be serious” is my shocked reply. “Oh yes, and you’ll go home later in the day.”

That freaked me out! “No, no, no.” I exclaim. “I live alone and have no-one to help me.” I’m in panic mode now. “Then you better get a friend or someone to stay with you because you will not be staying in the hospital. I want you up and walking and away from the germs in the hospital. You heal better at home.” My mind is going crazy.

Yes, I have a few friends but no family anywhere close. My brother has health issues that need attention so my sister-in-law can’t come. My friend that is almost always available has her plate filled with a dying brother and a husband who needs her due to his health issues.

My prayers are frantic. “Lord what am I going to do!? I have no-one.” “Call Kay,” He whispers.  I’ve known Kay for twenty plus years. I find it interesting that she just “happened” to retire six months before she planned to and a meer three weeks before my scheduled surgery. The Lord has provided me with a human angel!

As though all of this isn’t enough to blow my mind, the surgery went well. I didn’t feel a thing. I now have a new Titanium hip. Just call me the bionic woman. Well, I’m not leaping tall buildings just yet but I have , as of two days ago, come off the walker and now sneaking around quietly with a cane.

How about blowing your mind a little bit more.

I am highly allergic to anything  with codeine in it. Pain medicine has codeine. “This only has a small amount of codeine” the nurse tells me as she hands me the bottle of prescribed pain pills.  “All pain medicine has some codeine but I think you’ll be okay taking this.” I look at her as though she’s nuts because even small amounts cause me to fall flat on my face unconscious but I place the bottle in the bag with the rest of my things and helped into the car to head home.

Two weeks later-

Kay is still here and I have no words to describe the gratitude and thankfulness for all she has done and is doing in helping in my recovery. Also to her husband that has had no problem with her staying and helping me. As of today she has been here close to three weeks. She cooks, cleans, makes me do my exercises, and even scrubbed me down as I clung to the walls of my narrow shower. And by the way, she also mistakenly turned the cold water on me the first time as I screamed bloody murder, “I’m going to tell Martha on you!” Martha is my other friend that kept checking on me. We three are friends and are having a good laugh about my blast of cold water.

Folks, Christ will meet every single need you have! He knew my sister-in-law needed to care for my brother. He knew Martha was needed for her brother and husband. He knew ahead of time that I would need Kay’s help and told her when to retire. In fact, Kay just confessed that the Lord told her months ago that she would be taking care of me even though neither of us knew I would be having to have surgery.

Summery – The Lord met the needs of my brother and sister-in-law, Martha, her brother, and her husband’s needs, and my needs. And……………

here’s the real kicker. He knows I am highly allergic to codeine and I have zero tolerance to pain. I HAVE NOT TAKEN ONE SINGLE PAIN PILL SINCE SURGERY! I have not needed it! 

All praise, honor, and glory goes to the Lord!

And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus. Phil. 4:19


Blessings to you.


7 thoughts on “All Praise, Honor, and Glory is the Lord’s

  1. God is so good! Thanks for sharing. It is an encouragement!


  2. Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His mercy endures forever. Hope you are mending, Sue! ❤


  3. On my break from things I missed all of this Sue. Sure thankful all went so well


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