Foolish as a Puppet


“The worldly ways are as foolish as a puppet on a string. It is not the Holy One who manipulates the strings of those who walk in darkness. The worldly ways are not the Lord’s ways and when eyes are set upon the ways of the world they are blinded to the Light of time.

Seek ye not the kingdom of God and your destiny is guaranteed but not as the Lord would like to have it. Thy kingdom come, Thy will done is foreign in the world of those who speak of status, riches, and those cherished possessions. The cherished possession is the King of kings and Lord of lords for when you possess faith and love for Him you have possessed eternal riches.

Seek ye the kingdom of God and all shall be yours now and forever more. Let not your pride take hold for pride is the tool you place in the hands of Satan.

Cherish the tools the Lord your God places in your hands and heart. His tools do not rust. They brighten and last longer with daily use. Rust ruins not only the mind but the heart, for rusty tools are of no use. They are worthless in the kingdom of God.

Let your heart be as a sponge dipped into the fresh everlasting Water. The Water of life sustains through all the storms of life. Keep your faith, allow it to grow.  Let the silliness of the world flow off of you like the rivers fall from cliffs.

Your heart will receive much more when dipped fully into the Water, not so when only a partial corner. Let your heart fill and overflow. For more can be accomplished when the sponge is full.

A dry, dead heart seeks only those things seen. Be not blind to the ways of the Lord. He is the Light and Light can/does dispel darkness.

Difficult times are on the horizon. A heart filled with love can overcome the evil within the world. Let your heart seek what eternity offers. That is the only Light that is needed.”

By the Holy Spirit 12-19-09

Scripture ref’s: 1Jn. 2:15-17

4 thoughts on “Foolish as a Puppet

  1. A wonderful Message with much Truth, Thank you Sue for uplifting us and giving us assurance of God’s Light in the darkness and His Water that Refreshes us as we thirst for Righteousness.

    Christian Love and Blessings – Anne.


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