5 thoughts on “Why does God allow pain and suffering?

  1. Wasn’t that a really cool story?


  2. Sorry Sue I meant to return here and comment but forgot to return, I will Post my comment again here …

    Thank you Sue, I liked the allegory of the Barber and it’s very True, God does not willingly allow Pain and Suffering or does He do or allow evil to bring good out of it, to claim this even about Believers the Scriptures say is Slander.

    The evil in the World grieves God greatly but if He was to stop all the evil like He did in Noah’s time, He would have to stop the World now but He is patient not wanting anyone to Perish meaning to be Eternally separated from Him in torment but if they won’t repent showing they believe in Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, He won’t force them, it’s their choice, so True, He does not want Puppets.

    Of course it is not just our Sin that causes us Hardship although we do reap what we sow good and bad but we also live in a fallen World that Satan controls, he puts us to the test by Tempting us to do evil, seeking for us to reject Jesus.

    Those who walk in their Carnal flesh can hurt us too as Jesus said they would when we follow Him even those in our family or in Church and also Accidents happen and so does Chance. Sickness and death are part of this world, yes we will all die physically one day unless Jesus returns before we do and illness is the major one reason we die but as Christians God protects our Souls.

    I will share with you if wanted Sue what I was told at a Bible Study with New Christian too about God willingly allowing evil, how sad that some people are in darkness and cause others to be too.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.


  3. We all wonder from time to time why suffering isn’t stopped and I liked this posted article because it portrays a good insightful picture and helps for better understanding. Thanks for your input.


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