Your Joy Shall be Complete

images“Come to Me all My children for your joy shall be complete. My arms are open to all but there are those who desire to refute Me, willing to do harm against those who believe.

Nations of evil shall be destroyed and live no more. Those who support anarchy and violence shall disappear never to be seen again. Desert rats shall play tag upon their bones for all who do not kneel in confession and repentance shall serve the one who has led them to their doom.

Nations are at risk in these latter days. My appearance shall bring them low to the ground as a serpent in the desert dunes. The time has come when My people must stand up or all they believe shall fall.

Countries are turning to unwise notions that they are superior to others. Look about you and see death across the land. Millions are being killed through hatred and disillusionment.

Suicides are being done in the name of My Father. STOP! For eternity is long, is endless  and you shall not see the glory of the Lord but will dwell in a place of horror and misery that cannot touch the imagination of man. Torches are lit, curse words screamed, hatred, and violence prevail.

The storm of the Lord shall sweep across the land and all who are in its path shall be blown to the ends of the earth. Wells will dry, buildings lay in rotted piles where only the bugs shall enter. Take heed you heathens of Satan’s kingdom your end of violence is near.

Lift your prayers My children for all who are in the path of this violence. Their hatred spreads like wildfire and many shall be entranced and step into the flames.

Pray for those who teeter on the fence of heaven or hell. Help them to step across the line of life or death  for their decision shall last for all time. Reach out in love, draw them by My light as bugs are drawn to the nights light.

Reach out to those who are in pain. Emotional, spiritual, and in their bodies. You have My authority and miracles are still alive. Believe My children for My power shall flow through you. Obey My callings, My directions. Bring healing to hearts and souls.

Stand tall in adversity that now cries loud and clear. Many are fooled by the sly words of those who believe in self. Self is as foolish as jumping off a cliff with no net to catch you below. Only rocks will meet you as you descend into the never-ending space of all time.

Forget not the words I speak for My wrath shall be poured out opening your eyes as a sudden horrible dream will raise you up out of bed.

Listen not and you shall see those things you only imagined on a screen filled with screams. Horrors are ahead for all who turn away, grab them children in your arms of love. They shall not listen but don’t give up all hope is in Me.

Lift your heads, your hearts, your hands and praise the King. As a blink of an eye you shall bow before the King, your crown laying at His feet. Your faces aglow with His glory for you are a daughter, a son of the King.

A religion of fear, hatred, and violence shall be stopped in its tracks. For those who come against My people shall die in their ignorance with no one to grieve their passing. Hell awaits them with open arms and My tears shall flow for their demise should not have been. Their eyes are blinded by those who allowed evil to enter their souls.

Cry out My children, let those in power know your prayers. Pray your ears, and theirs, shall open to My words of warning for I have spoken and it shall come to pass. Love them, hate their sins, and be alert to their deceptive ways.

Let not your leaders turn your heads for the wars across the land shall bring pain but the victory is yours.”

By the Holy Spirit 1-27-07

Scripture ref’s: 1Jn. 1:4 – Matt. 26:52, 7:16 – Ez. 12:13, 12:19-20, 12:25 – 2Cor. 5:20-21 – Heb. 10:2 – Is. 8:12 – Joel 2:2 – 1Peter 2:9 – 2Thes. 2:11


8 thoughts on “Your Joy Shall be Complete

  1. Hi Sue, I hope this finds you well. Yes, the world is descending a path that we need to turn from. Amen

    I was wondering if you could provide some clarity to your reference to suicide? I found that curious somewhat.


    • Hi Wally. This is one of those Words from the Lord where He just takes control of my pen. I have wondered about that suicide statement, too. I’m sensing He may be referring to suicide bombers, maybe. They do it in Allah’s name but allah is another name for god. Note the small g. I asked Him before answering and this is what I’m sensing. I hope it makes more sense. It does for me, at least.


      • OK. I hope you know I didn’t mean anything by asking, and that I don’t mean anything if I expand some? I just wouldn’t want any believer to think that suicide is somehow an unforgivable sin, because it’s not as I am sure you know. It is obviously a serious sin, as it is basically murder. Even thought serious, it is still covered by the blood of Jesus for a believer.



    • No Wally, I had the same question when written but didn’t really get into it. I never doubted your intentions. I agree with you about not wanting believers to think it’s unforgivable. Maybe I should have put a note at the bottom or something. Thanks for asking because it made me look at it a little closer.


  2. A powerful message Sue given with a warning and a wonderful promise and yes I too questioned Suicides but we can see in the Scripture you shared that God is referring to those who blindly Suicide to kill and destroy believing it appeases Him, we call them Suicide Bombers, many who are innocent of their claims are killed for the evil that is propagated and accepted by them as they choose to kill themselves this way.

    In reference to the others who commit suicide, I believe that God knows the deep despair of those who are fearful and seek to end what they feel they can’t stop in their lives, only God knows their hearts and if they are His, if so He will save them for Eternity before or after they commit suicide, giving them a chance to repent, like He did with me. More than once I chose to take my life but He stopped me by showing me a better way and others can say the same, those who died I leave in His hands, He is a Loving and Merciful Judge and knows their hearts and inner thoughts, I don’t.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.


    • Yes, we definitely have a loving and merciful God. The enemy is the force behind hopelessness and that’s where so many are emotionally that commit suicide. Those who don’t accept Christ as their Savior are doomed for eternity, we, on the other hand are forgiven and saved. You are right in that only God knows the heart of all of us, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Thank you for your input and blessings to you.


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