A Note to my Blogging friends

As some of you know I have seven published books. The Lord is now having me working on number eight. Its title is, “I AM – Devotional Style Short Stories.”

For several months He has been having me write these short stories with no commentary and I have posted some of them previously on my blogs, the website, and Facebook.

Now He’s having me add the commentary to each story.

He has recently informed me that because not all of my blogging friends are able to purchase my books that I am to share these short stories, with the commentaries, so as to share His Good News with all.

You’re getting to read the book, part of it anyway, before it even goes to a publisher!

If you see a short story and think, “Geeez, she’s already posted that!” and are tempted to pass it by, don’t. The commentaries have been added with hopefully some insightful ideas that may peak your interest.

I am truly blessed by all of my blogging friends and have been blessed by other’s posts. I pray that my short stories will be a blessing to you and maybe even bring a spiritual “thump on the head” and be an encouragement in your journey.

Blessings to you all. Keep blogging, the Word is getting out.

P.S. My other books; fiction and non-fiction, can be found: http://www.elahministriesinc.com


5 thoughts on “A Note to my Blogging friends

  1. That’s awesome, Sue. And if you feel led to repost something, I say roll with it. I know a bit about that myself for sure. Many are blessed by your devotion.

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  2. How wonderful, Sue! May the Lord bring you great success in the coming year!! ❤

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