Did Pride Slip In?

A Writer's Corner

“Well, little miss know-it-all, you don’t know everything!” Harsh? Yes! But that is what I’ve been telling myself today after hurting someone with unsolicited advice. Did a bit of pride slip in there as a cause? I don’t know, but I hope not.

When I had one book published people’s response was usually, “Oh, that’s nice.” As the list of book titles grew people’s responses varied from, “how wonderful” to “wow!” to “tell me how to write,” or “will you read my manuscript and tell me what you think?”

I really get tickled when a young adult will stand looking at me with absolute awe dripping from every pore in their body, and say, with awe dripping from their words, “You’re a reeeeal author?” I want to burst out laughing, but instead I reach out my arm, smile sweetly, and reply, “You can touch me if you want.” My very…

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