The Candy Dish

A Writer's Corner

My display is set up, extra books hidden beneath the table, and a candy dish with treats sits on the corner of the table. With excitement building I await the doors to open. Visions of throngs of people storming through the doors to get to my book signing table flash through my mind. (I think I was delusional this time) Holding several bookmarks in my hands, my feet planted solidly on the floor, and a smile ready and willing to spread across my face, I watch as the manager unlocks the doors.

Five minutes pass. Ten minutes pass. Thirty minutes pass and one person walks through the door. The mailman! I wandered close by looking at other books on the racks while keeping an eye on the door. Tired and a little discouraged I sit at my table twiddling my fingers under the table. The manager approaches me and apologizes…

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