Prayer Needed

This past Sunday I woke early and drove to church for the first service on that hot Georgia day. The sanctuary was chilly but after greeting a few people, sweater donned, I settled down to worship.

The praise band stepped forward and sang a song I hadn’t heard before, America Bless God. In just moments the congregation had joined in, me right along with the others.

I was standing at my seat when we came to the part of the song that the words was, “You came and bless us again.” Suddenly the room disappeared and before me an image.

The firemen were raising the flag among the debree during the 9 11 disaster. In the mental picture the Lord gave me the American flag was burning. It was on fire!

The mental picture changed and the pole and the burned flag was lying on the ground with the firemen kneeling over it crying.

I asked the Lord, “Lord, what does this mean?”

He replied very distinctly:

“America is falling!”

Pray for our country.


2 thoughts on “Prayer Needed

  1. Great post!
    America surely needs prayer to turn back to God..

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  2. In prayer.

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