A Few is Never Enough

A Writer's Corner

I hope everyone had a blessed, fun, and safe Independence Day celebration. I over did it by a long shot and am dragging today. I had mentioned previously, and even showed before and after pictures, of my new retaining walls that I had installed to hold up my quickly decreasing bank in my yard.

Of course once that was completed I just had to fill that one hundred foot long empty space with all new plants, and that’s exactly what I have been doing in 95 degree humid weather. I spent the 4th playing in the dirt, sweating, and guzzling water like I hadn’t had a drop in a month. Isn’t that how we are before we drink of God’s Living Water? Someone offers us a sip and then suddenly we guzzle it because we haven’t had His Water up to that point. Our thirst is quenched and then we…

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