What a Blessed Morning

A Writer's Corner

I not only received the last of the endorsements to turn into the publisher but the smiles, gratitude, and love shown by some of the residents at The Oaks at Hampton Senior living was such fun and a mighty blessing.

Lifestyle Director, Sandy listed the residents that are in wheelchairs and we gave each a hand crocheted lap afghan in the color of their choice.

I had 2 tubs filled with afghans

We went room to room and here are the pictures that were taken. Just look at those smiles!

Gail is an assistant and said, “Just look at the details in this!”

Ms. Vivian is 100 yrs. old. She loves red and is looking pretty cozy.

It was barely 30 degrees outside so I kept my heavy coat on.

When asked which he liked, “I want lots of color!”

He got it!

He just wanted a nap and could…

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2 thoughts on “What a Blessed Morning

  1. Glad you got your endorsements so you can proceed. Those smiles are worth the work put into the afghans. You have crocheted love into the very fabric and that will help keep them warm in more ways than just physical.


    • Its like I told someone just today, to see those eyes light up and the big smiles on those beautiful old faces is well worth the work. So yes, you are right, warmth in more ways than one. Thank you.


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