Rare Occasion for Georgia

A Writer's Corner

For those in the Northern states I’m sure you’ll get a great chuckle about those of us in the South. Georgia doesn’t see snow very often and when we do we all get excited. The kids grab the sled’s, adults want to be able to brag that they made it down the road without crashing, and those of us with more common sense stay home with a cup of hot chocolate and a fire going in the fireplace.

Today was one of those days. Just 2 days ago we had bright sunshine and a warm 72 degrees in North Georgia where I live. Atlanta hit 78 degrees! In less than 36 hours we are 30 degrees and looking out my window is a winter wonderland.

After living in Wyoming through two winters I am thanking God this will be gone by morning. I’m enjoying it now but oh so thankful…

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One thought on “Rare Occasion for Georgia

  1. That’s quite the change! We have had a milder winter with much less snow than normal, and I am quite happy with that. I don’t like the cold or the snow when I have to go out in it, so I would be like you, opting for cocoa and a cozy fire (though I don’t have a fireplace). 🙂

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