A Hammer, a Chisel, a Mountain, and Love

Mitch Teemley

Guest Blog by Kevin John Delaney

This true story has the power to touch hearts and even lives. Maybe yours? ~Mitch

Dash loved his wife. When tragedy struck, he dedicated the next twenty-two years of his life to tearing down a mountain in her memory and to help the people in his village.

Dashrath Manjhi (Dash) and his wife lived in a remote village, over thirty-four miles from the nearest town. To get to work or to gather water required traversing a treacherous and narrow mountain pass, something they had to do daily.

One day, Dash’s wife was bringing him lunch in the fields where he labored. As she climbed the mountain pass, she slipped and fell. With the nearest doctor over 30 miles away, she couldn’t get to medical care in time and she died.

Dash resolved to never let something like that happen again. With a hammer and chisel…

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