FOURTH TIME Since 2017 I Have Brought This Article Back: JUST SAY NOPE TO SNOPES!

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Still Using Snopes To Fact Check? PLEASE Just Say NOPE to SNOPES!

Many Christians and Conservatives are STILL going to the Leftwing “Fact Checker” SNOPES to vet stories on the Internet.

Brethren: This would be like consulting a New Age medium to ask if the Gospel of Jesus Christ is truth!

Original Article from 2017:

It horrifies me when Conservative Christians come to me and say “I fact checked this on Snopes and they said it’s not true.”

Just say NOPE to SNOPES!

This left leaning outfit, run by an ultra liberal couple is definitelynotthe place for Conservatives to go for verification of facts. May I just say that if you want to be lied to, then Snopes is for you! Talk aboutFake News– Snopes is the place where left wing fake news is verified and news stories from Conservative sites are vilified.

Where is discernment?

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