The Attack

The skies are cloudy. The rain has stopped leaving the grass wet and puddles here and there. A slight wind blows across my yard but it feels refreshing and cool. Sitting quietly enjoying the cool breeze my eyes fall on something in the tall grass. Leaning forward I look closer but can’t make it out.

It moves.

I watch more intently as the spikes of grass move as whatever it is moves forward. My eyes blur and blinking I slowly raise my hand to swipe over them hoping to clear my vision. The grass moves again.

“I really need to cut this grass!” Is my thought while trying to figure out what this creature is. I know it isn’t a large animal or I would be better able to see it.

Very slowly I leave my chair. Maybe if I can get closer I can figure out what this thing is. Ever so slowly I lower myself down onto the deck floor and lean forward. I can’t see it. Where’d it go?

My eyes scan the grassy area where I last saw it but I can see nothing. The grass isn’t moving. Where’s it at? “Oh, Lord I hope it isn’t a snake. Maybe I better go inside.”

No! I want to see what this is!

Sitting ever so still, the grass moves again. I hold my breath.

Out of the corner of my eye I see something small, large eyes, black and grey fur on the step.

It darts toward me and taking a deep breath I freeze in my position.

It circles me. Sniffing, darting to and fro. It stops and stares at me with big black piercing eyes.

I hold my breath and watch. It darts around behind me and sneaks up beside me and then…

It attacks!

With small claws on the edge of my hand my smile broadens.

Charlie wants his seeds.

#shortstory #animals #nature

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