Patience is a Virtue

Charlie, here’s your seeds
Ahhh, you heard me, didn’t you.
While he’s socking away the seeds in his cheeks, I’m petting his side with my thumb.
He fills his cheeks to capacity, races home to fill his pantry, and races back for more.
Yes, you can take some more, little guy.
Okay, there’s one back there I missed.
He must have a BIG pantry!

I love this little guy. He hears me come out the deck door and races up the steps and sits looking at me. “Hey lady, I’m here. Where’s my seeds?”

Charlie has been my friend for a few years but this year I decided to befriend him a bit more and now he doesn’t hesitate to come when I say, “Charlie, here’s your seeds.”

#Nature #Charlie #Chipmunk #Charlielovesseeds #sunflowerseeds

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