The Wake-up Call

I heard a true story today and it hit me just how the Lord can knock us up side the head when we least expect it.

The sun has come up and is shining brightly through the open kitchen window. The birds are singing their good morning songs and the dew is still on the grass. A slight breeze rustles the window curtains as the woman stands at the stove flipping the bacon in the skillet.

The aroma of coffee and bacon fills the room as she softly hums Amazing Grace. Her husband slowly enters the room. He’s retired and the years of being in law enforcement have etched deep lines across his face. The years of sorrow he’s seen in the eyes of victims, the splattered blood on highways from car accidents, and the mean and ugly side of the underbelly of crime have taken their toll.

He reaches for the cup of hot coffee his wife has poured and is handing to him, taking it to the table, he lowers himself onto the chair. His wife reaches into the cabinet and takes 2 plates down and one small cereal bowl and sets them on the table.

Their five year old daughter appears in the doorway yawning and rubbing her eyes. “Good morning, sleepy head,” Mom states, and hands the little girl a small glass of orange juice. She takes it to the table and sits next to her daddy. He smiles at her, ruffles her hair, and goes back to sipping his coffee.

For several years the wife has asked her husband to go to church with her and every Sunday he declines. This beautiful morning is no different and once again, she asks, “Honey, would you like to come to church with us this morning?”

The little girl looks at him expectantly as he lowers his coffee mug and slightly shakes his head no. “We would really love for you to come. Its been so long.” His wife sadly replies.

Angrily he slams his fork down and states, “I said no! I deserve to go to hell!”

His daughter immediately places her spoon full of cereal back inside the bowl and states, “Mama, I’m not going to church this morning either.”

“Surprised, her mother asks, “Why?”

“I’m not going to church either because I want to go to hell with Daddy!”

Daddy’s fork suddenly stops in front of his gaping mouth and tears fill his eyes.

“The alter is open for any who wish to come and pray and ask the Lord Jesus into your heart,” the pastor states.

Daddy races down the aisle to the alter and falls sobbing onto his knees.

#Truestory #Salvation #Hell #Altercall #Pain #Lawenforcement #Guilt #Shame

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