A Bird in a Bush

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Looking up at the sky while holding her hand above her eyes to shade them, the sun warmly beats down on her long blonde hair that’s pulled back in a pony tail. She turns in a slow circle smiling brightly and suddenly stops.

Listening closely, she drops her hand and turns another half circle. “What? What is that I hear?” she whispers to herself.

A branch, with purple flowers and abundant leaves, softly sways as if dancing to unheard music. She watches, waits, and hears what she thinks could be music. Cocking her head she takes a step closer. Listening intently she takes another step closer.

“I do hear music!”

Listening more closely she takes another step and the music sounds a tiny bit louder. She can’t make out what the tune is but she senses that she’s heard it before. “Is it a bird?”

Afraid to get too close so as not to frighten what she has decided is some sort of song bird, she slowly sits down on the grass nearby. Softly she begins to hum with the tune. Scooting a bit closer, ever so quietly, she tries to see into the bush but the branches are too thick. Gradually she scoots closer and closer.

Hearing just snatches of the song, she hums along until the end of the song. Ever so cautiously she reaches into the bush. Her hand suddenly touches something. She jerks her hand back as she slams her other hand over her mouth to silence the scream that is about to erupt. Jumping to her knees in preparation to run for her life, she waits for her heart to slow.

After several moments she decides to try again. Sliding her hand slowly into the bush she whispers softly, “It’s okay, I’m not going to hurt you.”

Nothing happens.

She slowly and cautiously feels around within the bush when suddenly her fingers feel the tip of something.

She stops.

Sucking in a deep breath and whispering a quick prayer, she bravely snatches it and jerks it out of the bush.

“Got’cha!” She exclaims proudly.

Uncurling her fingers, she looks down at what she has grabbed. Surprise dances across her face. Bursting out laughing she plops down on the grass.

A small battery operated tape recorder begins playing, Amazing Grace how sweet the sound.


Into the Light Ministry


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