The Beginning of a Dream (1.)

I have written previously how the Lord put on my heart to minister to women that have been sexually abused as children, some 28 years ago. I started support groups, wrote a small publication whereby survivors wrote the articles, have had 9 books published, the Lord brought various women to live with me as a way to minister to them. During those early years the Lord gave me a vision of building a large log cabin style home for survivors of sexual abuse.

He wanted to provide a place where women could heal, a place to feel safe, and to get on their feet; physically and emotionally, and overcome the atrocities that had been done to them. He wanted them to be able to walk out of our “healing home” with their heads held high without the guilt, shame, unforgiveness, and all the issues that render them prisoners to their past. He wanted to help women become whole again.

That has been my dream for many years but it takes a lot of money to do something like that. First the cost of land, and for the size of the home He wanted me to build, well, I just didn’t have it. I didn’t have the money for building or for land, so the dream lie dormant for many years.

Several months ago my pastor and I were talking and low and behold he has had the same dream of reaching out to hurting women. The more we talked the more we got on fire to do something about it and the vision we both have began to take hold. Just bits and pieces but it was there and alive.

I admit, in our enthusiasm we got ahead of the Lord. Of course we were praying about all of this but we just let the thrill of starting take over. We looked at land, I made drawings of the lodge the Lord had showed me so many years ago, found a picture of almost the exact vision of the log building from long ago, and the more we looked the more we realized we were going to have to stop and take a breath, back up, and get real.

Land prices have sky rocketed, available land in the number of acres we felt we needed was snatched off the market by developers before we could even see it. The price of lumber more than doubled almost over night and even builders were having a tough time getting what they needed to finish their projects. The realities of what we were facing were hitting us right between the eyes.

Several months went by and we did our normal everyday things; he preparing his sermons, visiting sick patients, presiding over funerals, weddings, all the duties of a lead pastor. And I kept dreaming, granted a little disappointment played on the edges of my vision but I gave it to the Lord. The dream wasn’t dead yet.

Then suddenly one day Pastor came to me and my roommate, Gerri, “I found a house! I think we should start small. If we can raise the money then we can start small with just a few women.” My heart beat much faster and many nights was spent planning and hoping and praying, “Lord is this what we are supposed to do?” I didn’t want to get ahead of Him again!

Gerri lives in my basement guest house and very soon the Lord laid it on her heart to be a part of our vision. She has a heart for children and her dream has been the same, only a safe place for abused children.

Soon the ball was beginning to roll. I saw a picture of the outside of the house Pastor found for sale. It is no log cabin, definitely not a log lodge, by any stretch of the imagination. My heart sunk looking at that picture, but not all the way to the bottom. “Its a start” is what I kept telling myself. Over and over, “Its a start.” But my lodge isn’t going away. The images still dance and flicker in and out of my dreams. Will I have to surrender my dream lodge or will it become reality?

Stay tuned for more as our vision becomes more and more a reality.

See you next time and blessings to you.


Into The Light Ministry

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