The Dream (3.)- Is my Dream in Trouble?

As stated in the previous post we have hired a couple and they have moved into the home we are renting for three months with the goal of raising three hundred thousand dollars to purchase it in January of 2022. The couple has begun their work and pastor and I meet for more discussions. Gerri, pastor, and I meet for more updates, e-mails and texts are flying back and forth, and pastor is networking for all he’s worth. A website has been created, (bottom of the page) we’ve raised a few thousand dollars toward the purchase, we’re recruiting volunteers to help here and there, and things seem to be on track.

As yet I have only seen a picture of the front of the house. It’s time to step inside and see what’s really there. Pulling into the driveway my mouth drops open. The entire front corner of the house, as well as the side of the house, is buried in ripped up paneling, pieces of wood, garbage, buckets of who knows what, and only the Lord knows what else, and its almost roof high! “I guess they have been working,” is my thought as I step gingerly through a narrow path into an open carport. (also filled with stuff).

Stepping inside, the place is an absolute mess. Oh yeah, they have been working alright. (Now don’t get me wrong. I’m more than familiar with renovations and the mess that entails.) The wife greets me and Gerri while she stands holding the baby and apologizes for the mess of dirty dishes. (You mean there’s a sink and counter buried under that?) I pick my way over and around ripped off molding, pieces of old furniture shoved here and there, sheet rock and paneling leaning against torn up walls, and make my way through the three bedrooms, living room, two baths, and finally to the large back yard with partial fences and two old sheds.

I ask a few questions of the wife as we stand near the kitchen, while Gerri does goo-goo’s with the baby and pets the dog. I had met the wife once previously and my spirit was not feeling peace about her but she had come with good recommendations so who am I to judge? I left the home with a brain going wild with all sorts of unanswered questions and a very unsettled spirit.

Pastor had set a goal date for when he wanted the women to move in and after seeing all the work that needs to be done to make this place a livable home there is no way that goal could or would be met. In yet another meeting Pastor revealed that a good bit of material is being donated which is saving us boo-koodles of money. Praise God and thank you Jesus, the work is being continued and gradually the donations are coming in.

In church Pastor is always “on fire” and this morning he excitedly shared with all of us that someone had handed him a sizable check. “I just heard about what you’re doing and wanted to donate,” the person told him. (Hallelujah!) “Then the next day,” he added, “Someone else handed him a chunk of money.” Praise God, He is working behind the scenes! You go God!

After seeing the tearing down of panels and sheet rock, witnessing the destruction and repairs to be made I have to let go that this isn’t going to be the log lodge of my long time dream. I haven’t given up hope because this is just the beginning. We’re starting small and will someday, maybe in my lifetime, build the log lodge. So the beginning of the dream isn’t dead, but will it stay on track? Will the work continue and meet our new move-in goal?

Stay tuned and see you next time.

Blessings to you.


Into The Light Ministry

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