The Dream (4.)- Generational Clashes

“Back when I was a kid we walked five miles through the snow to go to school.” How many of us have heard that statement more than once? I think the older generation has heard it more than once from grandparents or parents and gee, I wonder if we haven’t used it, or something similar, a time or two ourselves on our own kids.

Each generation has their own ways of thinking, their own attitudes about things, and of course the younger generation is “always right.” This is happening to a small degree between the Pastor’s generation and the wife’s generation. Wife wants things her way, how she wants it done, and her likes and dislikes. Pastor, having more experience with creating a Lord led ministry, wants things done the Lord’s way and through much prayer He’s following the guidance the Lord is giving him. Plus the fact that certain legalities must be followed and those are a priority.

Minor clashes arise and are handled but there seems to be a tension arising on the part of the couple who are being paid to do the work. The tearing apart, ripping off, and putting replacement panels up has slowed considerably. Excuses are being made for the work slowing and we’re not sure why and contacts and networking have slowed on the part of the wife. And sadly information is being withheld.

The wife has given a testimony at church letting us know how easily girls and women, even boys, can be suckered into the sex traffic trap without their realizing what is happening. It isn’t simply a teen being snatched off the street, which most definitely happens many times, but the sly boyfriend that entices the girl with his “love.” The promise of “being on your own and I’ll take care of you” is made to the young run away or on the internet by some pervert posing as someone he is not.

There are many ways women and young girls are caught up in the web of deceit and for some the years of entrapment goes by before they can be rescued out of the life they neither wanted, was lied to about, forced into, and definitely not deserved.

Thousands of babies, young children, teens, and adults are trapped into the underbelly of our society and many are lost forever. Evil abounds but through Christ some are saved by people or organizations that care and do something about it rather than just shake their head and click their tongues. That’s how the wife was rescued. Someone cared!

My visit to the home opened my eyes to the vast amount of work needed to be done and inquiring about a second visit some weeks later is turned down. I knew then something wasn’t on the up and up but let it go. Questioning Pastor I learn that he has made a couple of visits and isn’t entirely pleased with what he saw but he is the type of man that will show grace and work with the couple as much as possible without having to use a “heavy hand” very often.

I’m sorry to confess I’m more of the task master. If you’re being paid a handsome salary to work, then work! Enough with the excuses!

Our meetings have continued and more discussions are around my table. Pastor has been having meetings with others that have a similar ministry to learn more about the in’s and out’s of having a home for women such as what we are striving for. He’s gained much insight and has even gained a few supporters. Both are extremely necessary for this endeavor.

Slowly, very slowly, the work is being taken care of and our hope is to get the home ready and women moved in as soon as we can close.

Will that happen? Will more bumps in the road arise? Will it be a smooth ride, or gravel with pot holes?

Stick around, it gets more interesting.

Blessings to you.

Into The Light Ministry

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