The Dream (5.)- The Devil Shows up

There are many who do not believe the devil exists, much less is alive and well and his sole purpose is to cause havoc through lies and deceit. If someone turns to the Lord he will do all he can to reverse that desire to follow Christ. If a new ministry is being started you can bet he will show up at some point to try to put a stop to what the Lord is having someone do.

That’s what has happened. The devil has influenced the couple living in our ministry house. Jesus stated in the Bible that, “What satan means for evil, God will turn for good.” And boy howdy did He ever!

When the wife told me I would not be able to make a second visit I knew something was wrong. Her excuse just didn’t fly within my spirit but I let it go. Pastor had made a couple of visits and wasn’t pleased and the next time he went to check on things he was refused entrance into the home. During their encounter outside the home the wife finally tells pastor, “I’ll turn in my resignation in the morning.” Her resignation was accepted immediately and a date set for their departure.

I think all of us were in a bit of shock. There was no forewarning of their intent and yet due to the recent attitudes and lack of work I guess we should have expected it. When Pastor told me about it I knew the dream wasn’t dead but now what? We have to start from scratch once again! The house is torn to shreds, we have no one in mind that can do the net working, the boots on the ground for visiting churches, taking legal documents to the courthouse, visiting businesses to recruit supporters, campaigning to raise funds, and whatever else she was doing or was supposed to do. Plus finding someone to do the repairs.

“The devil has tried to knock us down. But he won’t succeed. This is just a bump in the road. We’ll get this done!” Pastor said when he told me what had transpired. You go Pastor! But this was another blow to my old heart. I know the Lord will come through, it is His ministry and He’s using us to do it! Buck up Cass and move on! Once again we regroup and will continue the endeavor knowing it might take a little longer.

The day the couple was to be moved out Gerri and I drive over to the house to make sure they are gone. Ohhh are they ever! The piles of trash in the front of the house, thankfully, is gone. We have no idea who hauled all that off but thankful that we don’t have to. The piles along the side of the house are not gone, it’s higher and larger. I can’t believe there is several baby items thrown on top. There are items that could have been donated to some charity, and more boxes filled with whatever and stuff that makes no sense. We shake our heads and head into the carport only to find more baby items, sacks of clothes, and children’s toys.

We aren’t able to find a key so we’re not able to enter to see what damage is left. Peeking through a broken blind I turn to Gerri and say, “I think we need has-mack suits!” A bit discouraged and many questions rattling around inside our heads, we drive home knowing our work is really just beginning.

Will we be able to get into the house without breaking a window or smashing a door in? What on earth will we find when we’re able to enter, and will we really need those suits?

Stay tuned for next time. I’m sure there’s more surprises coming.

Blessings to you.

Into The Light Ministry

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