The Dream (10.)- Shop til we Drop

After spending the most of a day wading through the mud, heaving large pieces of wall paneling, item after item, boxes of God only knows what into the big dumpster, as well as separating all the bags of stuff, we started a list of kitchen items and other things we need to get.

Once we arrive home Gerri gets to take a shower before I hit the whirly. (Jet tub) I intend to soak until I’m as red as a beet and as limp as a wet rag. Feeling much better after getting cleaned up and a bite to eat we finalize the list, adding a couple of items we may need. Looking at Gerri with a big grin, “We’re going shopping!”

The next morning we have our list and have four stores we plan to hit. Walking into the first one we’re like hungry dogs in a meat factory. We bee-line it to the kitchen section with a large buggy. Gerri starts grabbing small items; measuring cups, measuring spoons, mixing bowls, and I’m grabbing other items.

The bottom of the cart is beginning to fill as we stroll down each aisle stopping to discuss which of the 2-3 items are better. We don’t want cheap, but not the most expensive either. Getting all we can at that store we load our goods into the back of my car and head to the next store. The list has not gotten much shorter so we still have plenty of goodies to hunt down.

Blankets, a hand held mixer, some coffee cups with inspiring messages on them, glass sets. We’re getting sets of 12 because we will eventually have 6 women living in the home. We’ll start with three women for now, but we need to have enough for six women and maybe their visitors eventually.

Once we’ve gotten what we can at that store off we go to the next. The cargo bin and back seat are filled to the roof. “There’s no way we can get anymore in, so lets go home, unload, and then we’ll hit Walmart,” I tell Gerri. Arriving home we unload everything into my office. Get a drink of water, hit the bathroom, and head for Walmart to see if we can get the items we couldn’t find at the other stores.

Oh boy, did we! A large set of nice pots and pans, a toaster, a nice set of silverware for twelve, a canister set, laundry baskets, small trash cans, several smaller items we couldn’t find. The car is once again loaded to the hilt.

Here’s a valuable little nugget, ladies. If you go shopping for items to stock an entire kitchen with, and on a budget, don’t take someone who really likes to cook and bake! She’ll want to buy everything in the kitchen section of the store! Sorry, I’m laughing. Love ya’ Gerri.

Once unloaded Gerri makes a sign-up sheet we will place at church for the items that we didn’t get that people can purchase and donate. Like a Microwave and sheet sets. If we don’t do a sign-up sheet, we have decided, we will have several of the same items donated. We’ll present that to the congregation a little bit later.

We have no idea what kind of hell hole these women have had to endure or for how long. We feel that as they transition into their new lives we want to give them the best that we can afford. All the monetary donations, every penny, goes into this Into The Light Home. And its tax deductible! (hint, hint)

It has been a really fun and exhausting day and we both are really pleased with our purchases. Looking at the piles of boxed goods and many bags filled and running over with items, I have to smile. “Thank you Lord, I think we did good.”

Will the sense of joy and satisfaction last, or will it disappear over night?

Come back next time and I’ll tell you.

Blessings to you, see ya’ next time.

Into The Light Ministry

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