The Dream (13.) – Is it Time to Dance?

After giving my little talk at the special Into The Light fund raising service I have a few butterflies in my stomach. We are a small church of just everyday working people so my hopes are flip flopping about whether we’ll raise enough money to finally purchase the house free and clear.

On the drive home my mind goes back and forth about maybe someone heard and gave pastor that million dollars he’s always hoping for in the offering. We always laugh because when he does the offering time he always adds, “You can put the m-i-l-l-i-o-n in the box on the wall.” He’s convinced someday someone will do it and he isn’t giving up.

“Nahhh”, my mind says and then I get more realistic thoughts. Maybe a few thousand. It would be nice if someone gave about ten thousand. Keep dreaming Cass. We raised a lot but is this going to be enough? And the turmoil of hoping and praying continues until Gerri bursts out laughing. She’s been quiet with her own thoughts as my mind is going nuts.

She suddenly exclaims, “And don’t you dare be cheap!” part of my little speech. I was serious and yet everyone thought it was really funny. I guess it was because we’ve laughed about it ever since. I apologize to her for blind siding her by calling her up front. I know she has said, emphatically stated several times, “Me in front of the congregation? No way, no how!” The trip home is fun and filled with hope and non-stop conversation.

Now that the fund raising is getting serious attention I decide to make up some business cards that I can hand out to friends or leave here and there for people to pick up and maybe create an interest in the ministry outside of the church. I’ve already been telling people about it but handing them a business card with the website just seems more practical. I can never remember the name of a ministry someone tells me about so the business cards, to me, are very important.

Sunday morning pastor announces to the congregation that we have a little over the $300,000 and will be closing on Into The Light Home soon. Glory be to God! The room is filled with clapping and gasps and joy. Tears fill my eyes. Dear God the dream is really coming true! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Quickly I ask if I can say something. Standing up I hold up the business cards, “Now that we are closing on the house I made business cards that you can give to your friends, colleagues, and whomever. Mention what we’re doing and give them a card. It has the web site on the back. They’ll be in the lobby.”

After the service I rush out to spread business cards on the welcome desk and people are taking them right out of my hands. Yay. Pastor stops me at the door and tells me he’s talking to closing attorneys and “Now we can really go to work as soon as it closes.”

My nerves are shot from waiting to hear. My heart is full, and I can’t stop thanking the Lord for His grace. This would not have happened without Him. We raised over $300,000 in just 3 months! If that isn’t God’s favor being poured out I don’t know what is!

Dance? Oh yeah. You can join me in my happy dance…


and I’ll see you next time.

Thank you so very much for those of you that have contributed to help us help these women.

Blessings to you.

Into The Light Ministry

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