The Dream (12.) – A Special Service

My log lodge dream has been set aside once again but not its purpose. My focus is helping to make the Into The Light home become a reality and a home these women can be proud to call home for the year they will live in it.

Pastor has been very busy. There is much to be done but with his busy pastoral duties he has still made time to tear out base boards, remove old light fixtures and ceiling fans. He’s painted the ceiling and puttied all the holes in the walls in preparation for when we paint, removed the broken stove, and that’s along with meetings with others “in the know” and gleaning more and more information and insight into the various programs and aspects of taking on a mission such as ours. There is some things we cannot do due to not owning the house but we do what we can for now.

Overnight the Lord has kept me awake with going over what I need to say tomorrow for our fund raising service. He does that a lot and at times I want to scream, ” Lord stop! I need sleep.”

Sunday morning Pastor gives his sermon and of course telling the congregation that every penny offered this morning will go into the Into The Light home. Having asked before service if I could say a few words when he finishes, he calls me up front. Everyone knows I’m very much involved in this ministry.

Pastor hands me a microphone. “You all have heard my testimony.” Heads nod and “Yes” is heard from several people. “The women that we are going to have living in the Into the Light home, if they gave their testimony it would make mine sound like a walk in the park. By donating you can help these women have a safe place to live, to heal, and to get on their feet, and you can give them that!…

I have one living with me! Gerri would you come up here?” (She had no idea I was going to speak or what I was going to do)

(again I’m giving a short version)

Gerri stands beside me, “When I first met this woman she was lost, had no hope, was scared, and confused. She looked like a bag lady! The Lord has given her a safe place to live and to heal, and to grow in Him.” Looking at her as she’s standing smiling and nodding her head yes! I continue, “Look at her! She’s smiling, she’s beautiful, and has hope!..”

Gerri returns to her seat. (Thankful she didn’t have to speak.)

“That’s what you can do for these women! You give hope! So when you slide that credit card, write that check, or put money in that box over there, you darn well better not be cheap!”

Pastor bursts out laughing while pumping his arm, he walks to the podium and as I walk back to my seat he says, “She needs to do the offering!”

I can’t wait to find out how much we raised. Naturally its a couple days before that can be counted. I hope my testimony and my “don’t be cheap” speech have helped but I take no credit for what donations came in. That glory all goes to the Lord be it a small amount or a large amount.

Are you ready? …………….Drum roll please…………………….

$88,000.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!

All praise, honor and glory goes to God Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ. Now tell me this isn’t a God thing!

Does this meet our $300,000 goal? Can we buy the house now free and clear?

See ya’ next time for more good news, or will it be?

Blessings to you.

Into The Light Ministry

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