The Dream, (15.) – Is it Safe?

As stated previously there are repairs that need to be done but we have had to hold off due to not owning the property. But now we do! Hallelujah. Doing yet another walk through we can focus on more than just tearing down wall coverings, light fixtures, or throwing old appliances out the door.

Gerri and I have asked several times when are we going to have heat and hot water? I’m sure pastor is about to strangle both of us for our continued asking. He has finally been able to schedule having the pilot lights lit. I’m sure you might be thinking, “Oh come on, anyone can light a pilot light!” That’s true unless you want to make sure there are no carbon monoxide leaks, its all up to code, and the furnace, especially the furnace, is in good working order and the gas water heater is not only working but vented properly.

The morning comes when the “gas man” comes and since the furnace is in the attic the pull down stairs must be used to get access to the furnace. At least the water heater is on the main floor. Pulling the attic stairs down is another shock. They are barely usable! I’m not sure if pastor had to help the man into the attic or if the man was agile enough to be able to maneuver the rickety stairs on his own. I didn’t see any rope hanging from the attic that he used like Tarzan to swing out of the attic to the main floor but he did successfully check out the furnace.

Not good news! The furnace is several years old, maybe even an antique for all I know, but it must be replaced. The most critical issue is there is gas leaks. That’s extremely dangerous! I’m sure pastor’s heart sank at hearing the news.

The “gas man” moves to the gas water heater and looking up, following the exhaust pipe into the ceiling, “That’s not code. It will have to be brought up to code because the way it is could catch this place on fire.”

Another bump in the road? Yep. So we are unable to get the heat or the hot water turned on until these things are taken care of. The “gas man” refuses to light any pilots due to these issues and even though it is “a bump in the road” it will be an expensive one, furnaces are not cheap!

In the meantime, I’m talking to my Doctors, nurses, accountant, cashiers, and anybody I can think of about the ministry and handing out business cards wherever I can to get supporters so we can afford not only these repairs but to be able to acquire the needed supplies for making this a home for our ladies. The first month they are in the home we will be supplying food and whatever other needs may arise. After that they have to meet their own needs as far as food, cleaning supplies, etc. are concerned. That’s where jobs come in.

Gerri has been soliciting managers of major supply stores to see if they are willing to donate appliances and I’ve been talking to people I know in the furniture business about donating furniture. Whether they will or not we aren’t sure yet. One place was willing to give us discounts on their product, others have said “we’ll get back to you.” Pastor is doing the same with some promises and several, “maybe’s.”

Starting a ministry such as this is thrilling, exciting, and filled with hope but the reality of it is, as you have been seeing, it is more complicated than many expect. It is only with the Lord’s guidance and help that we have been able to accomplish as much as we have. We continually seek Him. He called us to do this, it is His ministry, and He is using mere humans to accomplish His goal. We ain’t going to let Him down!

Will determination prevail or will discouragement and disappointment raise its ugly head and slow us down?

Stay tuned and please pray for us.

Into The Light Ministry

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