The Dream (16.) God Bless Them

Since Gerri and I are roommates we travel together to go to church each Sunday morning. Those are interesting trips because we get into politics, Prophesies, the ministry needs, and just about everything. On the way home our first topic is, “what’s for lunch?” Then we may discuss the sermon pastor has given or what pastor said as we were leaving about what his plans at the ministry house are for the following week.

Gerri is a Gabby Girdy, I’m not. She likes to socialize a bit before and after church where I tend to be friendly but less talkative and usually sit in the car and wait for her after church. She’s been talking to various women about what donations we need for the house. “So and so said to send her the list of needs and she’ll see what she can do,” she tells me on the way home.

This is something we are relying on, volunteers to help with our needs. And boy have they come through! Walking into the house on one occasion we hear a saw. Pastor is holding the end of a long strip of molding while another man is cutting the angles. Wood and dust and ladders are all over the place and here helping is a volunteer carpenter.

Pastor has an offer from a man who is in the painting business. “I’ll be there in a week or so and donate the paint you need and do the painting.” Another will do duct cleaning, another business will put the new flooring down when we’re ready and charge us pennies for the material, someone has volunteered to cut the grass, another to do some much needed landscaping for us, and women have volunteered to bring what they can to meet our needs. The men are in various vocations and offer their time and/or material. Women are school teachers, bus drivers, home makers, and just want to help in whatever way they can.

These people are God sent and such a blessing! They are vital to any ministry. Praise God there are still loving and caring people still in this world. This Sunday morning Gerri is told, “I have a box of stuff in the car for you and you’ll need a man to carry the other box.”

After church a box with two new comforters, 4 sets of new towels and wash cloths, and a set of new sheets, along with a painting to hang on the wall is placed in my car. The other box? Our mouths drop open! A brand new, still in the unopened box, is a microwave, air fryer, and convection oven appliance. We never dreamed someone would donate such a gift. We asked for a simple microwave and we’re blessed with much more. What a blessing!

We’ve been getting various items here and there so we have not put the sign up sheet out yet. The way things are going and the blessings of people meeting our needs, we may not have to have a sign up sheet.

Don’t ever underestimate the giving hearts of some people when needs arise. We see it in not only ministry, but across our land when disasters arise; someone’s home is lost through fire, when children are sick and need medical attention that can’t be afforded. Caring hearts are truly a blessing.

Not everyone can donate labor or material items but with prayerful consideration small amounts (or large amounts) can be donated to help us finance this endeavor. Power bills, water and septic, taxes, maintenance, etc. are an on-going expense that cannot be neglected. We love our volunteers and our partners so please prayerfully consider an offering, or partnering with us, to help us do God’s work. And of course, it goes without saying, prayers are always appreciated. Our website is below with an easy access donation icon for your tax deductible donation.

We are truly blessed but are there any more bumps in the road, or are things finally smoothing out and moving forward?

We’ll see next time.

Blessings to you.

Into The Light Ministry

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