The Dream (21.) A Crazy Week

It is not often a writer runs out of words. Well, at least this one anyway. I don’t think I’ve ever really experienced what is called “writers block” (even with nine published books) and the reason is because I always ask the Lord what He wants written and then get out of His way and let Him take over the key board. So if some of my gibberish comes through as gibberish, then blame Him. 🙂

This has been a crazy week though and not much has been able to be accomplished at the Into the Light Home. My church had a big Easter egg hunt party this past Saturday and that was pretty cool. We all know Easter is NOT about colored eggs or cute rabbits and even though there were games and Easter eggs found, the kids and adults were introduced to Jesus and what Easter is all about.

I could have sworn it’s Spring in Georgia, USA, but Saturday you would have never known it. It SNOWED! I don’t think kids feel cold, they were running around and acting like it was 80 degrees while the adults were freezing their fannies off, at least those who didn’t listen to the weather report and dress for it. But it was a great time and surprisingly, with it being so cold, a lot of people with kids showed up, all for the glory of God.

And then, of course, pastor had to prepare His sermon for Sunday morning. He isn’t one of those pastors who thumb through the file cabinet and thinks, “Hmm, that one might be good.” And he has had meetings and all sorts of stuff going on ever since.

Now this week is preparing for Easter Sunday. A new backdrop has been created at church, and its pretty cool, so that took a couple of days worth of work, not for me, but for the guys doing it. Pastor and I are suppose to have a meeting, in fact we were suppose to have it today, but his schedule seems to be packed already; luncheons, meetings, Easter prep’s, trying to get over to get a little work done on the ministry house, and my schedule is pretty full for a couple of days, too.

So I can’t report any big improvements or major work having been done in the last week. Like I said, its been a crazy week and may continue to be for a few more days. Just in case you’re wondering, I was forced to bring in all the plants, again, due to the weather but now they are all very happy out in the sunshine in 68-70 degree weather with warm 50’s night temp’s. and its supposed to stay that way now. Praise God, thank you Jesus.

For now my pretty plants will enjoy some sunshine in my back yard. Will pastor get around to tilling up my garden space this week? Will I finally get to get all dirty playing in the dirt?

Come on back Thursday and we’ll see.

Blessing to you.

Into the Light Ministry

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