The Dream (20.) What A Guy!

Once again, this past Sunday, I cornered pastor, “I bought flowers to make the flower bed at the house. Do you know when we’ll be able to get those shrubs pulled up? It’s planting time.” I am persistent at times, especially when it comes to playing in the dirt.

“I need to talk to… Monday and Tuesday we’re doing… at the church.”

We talk a little more and on the way to the front of the church he asks Gerri to call to have the power lines, gas, etc. marked before we start digging. After church we ride by the ministry home so I can get a “before” picture so once the shrubs are gone and replaced with nice plants I can share the before and after with you.

I’ve set all the plants out in the sun and some in the shade that requires shade and hope nobody will sneak in my back yard and take off with them. Sitting on my back deck I sit staring at them with images of what I want to do and where I plan to put them. In other words, I’m designing my gardens in my head.

Then the phone rings.

“This is your best pastor of the day to let you know the shrubs are gone.” Hallelujah, praise God.

Pastor then explains that the landscaper that would pull them out for free said he couldn’t get to it right now, “I’ll work it in when I can.” Pastor, being a do it yourself man, decided to go cut the shrubs off to about a foot above the ground. Then he hooked a chain to the back of his pickup and pulled every one of those ugly suckers out! What a guy! No moss will ever grow under his feet and I couldn’t be happier.

“Heavy rain, possible hail, and slight chance for tornadoes,” is reported for the next few days. Oh for crying out loud! The shrubs are finally out, pastor is going to til the garden area for me, and I’m ready to get down and dirty and now- rain and storms, for two-three whole days! I think the Lord is testing my patience. It ain’t working!

Hauling all the plants onto my covered deck to keep them from being beaten half to death through the storms the news get worse.

“Later in the week the temperatures will drop back down into the thirties,” is the next bad news. Okay, now this is serious. All plants have been moved into my bedroom, off the deck, where it is warm and they will be safe from the storms and high winds.

Those storms they predicted haven’t happened! Not at my house anyway.

The weather man is now saying it will be Saturday night when the temps drop so out go the plants onto the covered deck again.They need sunshine and that doesn’t happen in my bedroom. I’m tired of hauling them in and out so they’ll be covered with a tarp -outside for the coldest weather!

Am I going overboard? Not in my mind. Plants are expensive, and even more expensive this year than last. No way am I going to lose them to a storm or freezing weather. I think this is the last of our really cold nights so once Pastor gets the tilling done I’ll be hauling a car load of plants, edging, paving stones, shovel, etc. over to the ministry home…

then I’ll enter my little piece of heaven on earth. Told you I love playing in the dirt. 🙂

So when is all this finally going to happen? Your guess is as good as mine.

See ya’ next time.

Blessings to you.

Into The Light Ministry

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