The Dream (24.) Prayers are Being Answered

As many times as I have worked at the Into the Light Home, there are only a few times I have actually taken pictures, which I now regret. I had taken some early on but the rooms were not brightly lit and like an amateur I didn’t use the flash, but since then I do have a few pictures to share, as I promised a little while back.

Remember how I just couldn’t wait for pastor to get rid of those crappy shrubs? Here’s why…

The house is a four sided brick home but you sure can’t tell it. Well, actually there’s very little showing behind those shrubs to see anything.

As we continued to work inside, I continued to want those shrubs gone! I like brick homes. They are more solid and yes, older homes, but to me they have a character all of their own.

The day finally came when even pastor was ready for them to be gone. Are you ready for a real “WOW?”

WOW! What a difference! We found a whole house hidden behind that mess of bushes!

The inside work has continued. Pastor has been doing most of the work himself, as I have stated many times. He’s been ripping out, replacing, and now trying to finish the base boards and molding around the ceiling.

The day after he tore out the shrubs he said to me, “Go get your plants,” So I did and then you all have heard me griping and complaining about this happening and that happening, or the weather, or, or, or and I didn’t get to plant anything. The plants have been in and out of my bedroom more times than I can count but the weather has finally warmed and no wind chills to speak of, and the rain has stopped.

Ohhhhh Sue is a happy camper now!

Yesterday I spent a good part of the day digging roots up, raking the garbage buried and exposed, and trying to fill in some holes and low spots. Obviously there are no stairs to even get to the front door so I marked off where stairs will be installed and once I was too tired to work anymore I left and came back this morning, with a car loaded with dirt, shovel, rake, water, and whatever else I needed. Once I finished raking, digging up more roots I headed home and came back with plants!

The line of trash is what I dug out, raked off, and will be gone next week. Do I look happy? Oh you bet I am. There’s nothing better than playing in good old dirt. You can’t see it but my T-shirt says, “I love to play in the dirt.” A dear friend gave it to me as a gift and I wear it…to play in the dirt.

Do you like the bird bath? The Rose of Sharon is at the end past the bird bath,but it’s just a stick with some tiny leaves right now, but that won’t last for long. They are fast growers.

I brought four Azalea’s with me and a Rose of Sharon. I can’t plant the Phlox or Hosta’s until the line of trash is gone and the border I will be doing is done. I’m one pooped gal but I am a contented pooped gal. That part of the garden is done for now. Pastor needs to get some fill dirt for the area closest to the driveway so asked me not to do anything with that other than the one Azalea. But next week we’ll be back at it and I can’t wait.

There have been people praying for good weather, after my “frustration” article and for the help pastor needs. Prayers are being answered. Next week, pastor has a whole crew of men coming to help him! Praise be to God and thank you Jesus, and thank you for your prayers.

I hope this post has been more uplifting for you my readers. Will that “crew” show up? Will I be able to get the border done and all those Phlox planted before they completely take over their pots with roots coming out the bottom?

Come back next time for those answers. We’ll see what happens.

Blessings to you.

Into the Light Ministry

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