The Dream (25.) -Don’t Touch The Towels!

I spent two days working on the flower garden for the Into the Light Home and as I was leaving pastor said he’d like to have flowers around one of the trees in the front yard. That put me on a search for plants that need mostly shade. I found some and the third day I got to play in the dirt some more.

While getting all dirty I remembered a place on the way to Helen, Ga. that sells all sorts of yard decorations, handmade bird houses, and the best ice-cream! So Saturday I used the excuse of wanting to go there to get a bird house for my garden at the ministry house, but what I really wanted was a double scoop of their chocolate ice-cream in a cone. Long story short, Gerri and I came home with a cool bird house, a small cement fawn deer, and a belly full of chocolate Ice-cream. That’s the first time I’ve driven almost 45 miles for an ice-cream cone. 🙂

I spoke with Pastor Sunday telling him what I got and he said he’d be working at the house today. Boy howdy did he ever! Gerri met with him and we learned he’s still working on the trim work, he’ll be putting new ceiling fans up, we had a donation of some much needed items delivered today, and praise be to God he had two fellas helping him.

He said he worked all day and during their conversation he leaned toward her and whispered, “Don’t tell Sue, but I had to use one of the new kitchen towels in the drawer. It was hot working in there and I was sweating and needed to use one but I’ll be sure to wash it.”

I guess he remembers me yelling, “Don’t touch the towels!” And yes, she told on him. (I’m laughing)

Pastor and the two helpers got a lot done today but there is still more to do. We thank the Lord for the help, for all the work that has been completed and we are so much closer to completing the renovations than we were in the beginning. We’ve come a long way, and thank God we aren’t where we used to be.

See ya’ next time.

Blessings to you.

Into the Light Ministry

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