The Dream (27.) Gone Fishing!

Since my last post we all have been quite busy. As I stated before pastor has his plate over running with responsibilities and has not been able to work at the Into the Light Home for the past week. The man amazes me with all that he does. He’s like the Energizer Bunny whose batteries never run down. But they have this time, and so I think the Lord told him its time to take a break. He announced Sunday morning that he and his wife are going trout fishing. He was teaching her how to cast off their back deck and we all had a good chuckle because she proudly announced, “and I caught one.” Gerri popped up and said, “Yeah, a tree trout.”

While they are relaxing, and hopefully catching some nice sized trout, I have been playing in the dirt. I mentioned getting all the debre raked up and hauled off and now it was time to start digging holes and getting those Phlox in the ground and thankfully just in time.

Most plants are potted in dirt, not these. It was some kind of sandy kind of stuff I haven’t seen before and even though I watered them all the while they were sitting outside in my yard, they were dry as a bone and several of them were dying, to my horror!

I spent Monday working around the numerous small roots left behind and buried from those crappy shrubs we pulled out. I found two that were larger that I had to dig out. But I am not only a determined woman I am persistent and I got all of those medium sized potted Phlox in the ground and almost drowned them to keep them alive. The flower garden is really starting to look very nice and even two ladies at church have complimented me on it, even though there is still work to be done to complete it. That is always so nice to hear.

I did get frustrated this morning when I hauled one of my hoses over to the house to be able to water everything. The faucet is on the far end of the house and of course my hose would not reach as far as I needed it to and there’s too much to water with my big water can. Grab a bucket and start watering everything the hose wouldn’t reach. Why is it that a simple job always turns into a fiasco?

Problem solved though for next time. I beat it to Walmart and bought a 100 ft. hose!

Another problem was solved tonight. The shattered shower door at my house is now replaced with a whole new set of doors. Not cheap but I will not give the enemy the satisfaction of complaining. I’m blessed to have a handy man I can call and things get done, as well as the Lord meeting my needs financially and otherwise. Thank you Jesus.

With pastor off enjoying his time away I’ll have to wait on a decision of straight cement scalloped edgers or using the blocks for the flower garden, but that’s okay because we all need a rest.

Have a blessed week and see you next time.

Blessings to you

Into the Light Ministry

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