The Dream (26.) Spooks in the House?

I apologize for running late on my Into The Light Home post but it’s been a heck of a week so far. Sunday night Gerri was up late and while doing whatever she was doing when she heard a slight thud coming from the bathroom. She has a suction cup thing on the shower wall that on occasion will come lose and fall. Thinking that’s what the thud came from she paid it no mind.

It wasn’t the suction cup hitting the shower floor! Walking into the bathroom to get ready for bed she discovered the glass shower door had completely shattered and the glass piled in the bottom of the shower! There was no earthly reason for an entire glass door to shatter into a million pieces. There were no cracks, small holes, or any defects what-so-ever to cause this.

As Christians we all know there is an enemy of God that hates us with a passion. You can believe this or not but both Gerri and I have been being obedient in doing what the Lord is calling us to do and when we Christians are serving the Lord, trusting Him, and being obedient to His call, satan doesn’t like it! On occasion he will manifest himself through demonic activity in various ways, like shattering a perfectly fine shower door at 1:00 in the morning.

The second manifestation took place the very next day. We had been to the ministry home working and when we came home Gerri was standing at the front of the car and I was unloading items from the back when I hear a loud crash. “What was that!?” I asked looking toward the front of the garage.

On the floor was a foot long rod that had been on the far back side of a shelf with items in front of it. Gerri watched as that rod lifted off the shelf and slammed to the floor hitting a couple of metal buckets. It did not roll off the shelf! It was thrown off the shelf. We looked at each other and I said, “Somebody isn’t happy.”

I really don’t care if you think I’ve lost my marbles or not. The enemy of God makes himself known, and his anger known, if we’re just aware of some of his tactics. There is no question in our mind what has taken place between the shower door and the “flying” rod and he has been bound from any further manifestations.

My wonderful handy man showed up that evening and the shower door is being ordered and will be replaced, and we move on. What is meant for evil (supposed to scare us to death – but didn’t) God will turn for His glory.

With all that said, I spent this morning cleaning up the mess I raked out of the flower garden and have prepared to get to play in the dirt some more tomorrow morning. The border is marked and I have bags of dirt in my car and 2 flats of Phlox that will finally be planted. Pastor has finished a few rooms with the trim and base boards but with 2 weddings and a funeral the rest will have to wait.

Next step is getting the edging. Will we use cement scalloped or blocks?

Come back next time to see.

Blessings to you.

Into the Light Ministry

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