The Dream (29.) Mistakes are Made

In creating any new ministry there will be mistakes made. Why? Because we all are human and if it is a ministry that we, as a church, have not done before, it is started as a learning experience as we go. We found that out almost from the beginning.

We were all gung-ho and excited about starting, looking at all the possibilities, and how best we could glorify the Lord. As time passed we began to encounter unexpected problems, which in reality, is to be expected even though we were unaware of just what those unexpected problems would be. For example, the couple we hired that I spoke of early on.

Then we had what pastor kindly called, “bumps in the road.” The furnace, windows, a stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher, that all need replacing plus so much more. Some expected, others not. The renovation needs have piled up and although a good bit has been done it is slow going and much left to be done.

When we first started, it was during the Covic hysteria and people were out of work so volunteers were ready and willing to lend a helpful hand, but now those same people have jobs and their focus is work and family. Oh, we still have a few that are willing to help here and there but nothing like it was at first. Pastor is doing almost all of it by himself and that just ain’t right!

People are still being loving through their donations of physical items. We received more towels, a much needed shower curtain, a couple of sheets, and when I walked into the home a week ago I was surprised to see furniture in the living room. Some generous person took the time to buy outdoor patio furniture.

That confused me because we are not extending the small patio so why patio furniture? Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate their generosity but patio furniture is not living room furniture and I realized that was what it was supposed to be used as! I’m hoping that pastor will suggest to this generous couple (if it is a couple) to exchange the patio furniture for living room furniture. Like I said, we all make mistakes and with the Lord’s help we have been able to rectify what mistakes we have made and hopefully this mistake will be rectified also.

Pastor was at the house today and was able to get more of the trim and base boards done as well as changing out a few of the electrical outlets. I have not been able to do any more than water the flower garden due to no edging. I have found that I will be forced to go with the paving stone blocks due to grey scalloped edging, that I had decided I wanted to use, cannot be found or ordered. Red just won’t cut it!

So that decision has been made and now its just a matter of purchasing them and getting them hauled over to the house. I can’t wait to get to work on that and then I can do the mulch. The largest section will then be complete and I’ll have to start on the other end where pastor needs to fill in with top soil.

A slow process? Oh yeah! And once again I have to remind myself it all takes time and cool my heels on letting frustration take hold. Any new ministry, especially where a home is purchased or renovations of a store front, a room, a church, or anything else that has to be done to prepare for whatever ministry is to be done within, is going to be quite an experience!

I’ll see you next time with news of a new delivery. Hmm I wonder what it is?

Blessings to you.

Into the Light Ministry

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