The Dream (30.) Kittens?

Not being an early bird, as the saying goes, I woke early and was up and out the door within thirty minutes. Today was an important day. We were expecting a delivery and I needed to be there early. Arriving, pastor was already at the ministry house working inside.

We walked through some of the rooms and he told me about a list he has made of what he wants to get done. Pointing to the broken shower door he explains someone has exactly what we need, the size, frame and all, and is willing to donate it. Hallelujah. After having to replace mine and how expensive it was, that is a real blessing.

He also told me he has five men coming later this week to help him install the ceiling fans, clean duct and heating covers, finish (hopefully) the trim and base boards, and a number of other items that need to be done. A window repairman is scheduled to come look at what needs to be done about some windows and using my landscaper to cut and weed eat the yard. He’s offered to do it free as his contribution to the ministry. Yet another blessing.

Walking around the back yard I pointed out where I plan to plant the other Rose of Sharon bushes and as we walked on the other side of the old storage shed, that we plan to tear down, pastor points out a large hole. “We have a big ground hog in residence and it looks like he’s made another hole.” I chuckled because Gerri and I have seen him several times out the kitchen window while working in the kitchen. I wanted to name him but once the old storage shed is torn down he’ll be moving on. He has his home under it.

I felt more encouraged as we talked and as we stood at the front flower bed I explained my plans for how I will use the edger blocks for the flower garden. He totally surprised me when he said, “Call me Monday morning and I’ll meet you at Home Depot and we’ll get the blocks you need.” Praise God and hallelujah. Now I am encouraged! 🙂

Just as I started to do a little dance the delivery truck arrived. While pastor was talking with them I went to the side of the house to get the hose to water all the flowers. It was not as I had left it! Instead of neatly rolled to make it easy to stretch to where I need it, it was an absolute tangled mess where someone (I’m sure I know who) had just thrown it helter skelter and the next several minutes was spent untangling the mess. Grrrr A hose roller upper thing will be bought next trip to Home Depot!

We checked the manufacturers numbers to make sure we were receiving the cherished items we had ordered and paid for and now sitting in the kitchen is a brand new side by side refrigerator, a brand new dish washer, and a brand new gas 5 burner stove. Oh they look soooo pretty, especially after seeing the old ones.

They are not yet installed because we need to run a water line for the refrigerator ice maker, get a gas cut off safety thingy that was not present, and pastor will install the dishwasher. But the good news is he is willing to hire someone who can do the gas hookups and water line as well as other jobs we need done. And I know just the man! (My handy man)

So after fighting so much frustration these past weeks I am pleased to say, things are really looking up for this week and next. I’ll be playing in the dirt once again, more will have been completed inside the house, and I can still do a happy dance.

Oh, and hopefully the tiny kittens hiding behind the shed will find a happy home.

Blessings to you.

Into the Light Ministry

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