The Dream (32.)Moving Along

As stated in the last post pastor and 5 volunteers accomplished quite a lot yet there is still more to be done. There was some caulking that needed to be finished, and was, as well as several other needs taken care of. When I arrived pastor had another man volunteering to help him.

I wonder if maybe some of the men may be reading this because I had stated before how pastor was having to do everything himself and “that just ain’t right.” Suddenly he is getting the help he needs and if the men aren’t reading this then it must be the Lord telling them to get off their duffs and give pastor a hand, and they are! Thank you guys and thank you Lord.

Walking up to the carport, pastor and the man are talking about some measurements for the laundry room ceiling. That is one of those repairs that has been left to be done and apparently today is the day to get it done.

I have a dear lady friend that came to visit for a few days from out of town and she is always faithful to help me with whatever project I’m working on, which in this case, as you know, is the flower garden in the front of the ministry home.

We got the mulch straightened out and I planted the 2 Hosta’s that needed to get in the dirt. They look perfect in the spots I put them, after we were able to fill in a good portion of the area that pastor wanted fill dirt for. Digging holes and using that dirt is a blessing. I always use black dirt in the new holes for newly planted plants.

We were then able to make a clearing for the walkway. (mulch had covered the whole area) It still needs to be leveled but I had several square cement pavers under my deck at home that I no longer need and brought them with us. I lined those up to see what they would look like. We’ve decided to use those with pea gravel/rocks around them as the walk way for now. We still need to have the steps to the front door made. So I’m having to work around that.

Pastor and the other man were busy inside. I asked him to come outside to see what I had done and showed him while explaining the next steps. I explained the edger blocks are next, then I’ll level for the walkway, then we’ll do the gravel. (Lord, please don’t let some kind hearted man want to get gravel and spread it before I can get these next steps done in order)

Once pastor approved of the work done and agreed to the plans for the next step my friend and I left before my handy man arrived. I haven’t talked to pastor so I can’t report on whether the gas stove is now connected or if the water line to the refrigerator ice maker has been installed or what else was done. Pastor and the other man were going to be there working all day so I’m sure much was accomplished. I’ll have an update on everything by the week-end and will be sharing that with you next time.

I am so grateful for the help pastor is getting and the work that is being done. He’s really hoping to have 90-95% of the inside renovations done by June. That’s a pretty big dream but hey, the Lord says dream big.

I’ll be there tomorrow afternoon for the delivery of the cement edge blocks and the forecast is still rain! Not just Saturday, but Sunday and Monday, too.

Will I get my project done by June? We’ll see.

Blessings to you.

Into the Light Ministry

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