The Dream (31.) Happy Days are Back

Yesterday pastor had volunteers at the ministry house helping and they accomplished quite a lot. When I met with pastor this morning he was upbeat and grateful for the work that had been done.

The outside of the home, as you may have noticed from the picture I posted, needed a good cleaning. One of the men pressure washed yesterday and it really looks nice now. While he was washing the outside men were putting up ceiling fans, a new attic drop down stair unit now replaces the dangerous old ones, light switches and electric sockets have been fixed or replaced, and the molding and trim is finished except for a little caulking here and there.

I was approached after church by a couple and was told they were going to Home Depot to buy several bags of mulch for the front flower garden. Gerri and I met them there and I showed them what I wanted and they proceeded to buy them as we left. They said they would deliver them to the house for when I’m ready to put it down.

This morning when I arrived they had not only bought the mulch, but had spread the mulch too, “to save Sue that much work.” Gerri was shocked when I told her because she thought “She’ll blow a gasket!” But I didn’t. I think it was a nice gesture BUT, I need to undo what was mistakenly done, like covering the entire area that pastor was going to fill in with dirt and covering where the walkway will be. No big deal because I’ll be going today to just move the mulch to another area where it’s needed. I’ll now be able to plant the Hosta’s I have that are beginning to fade due to out growing their pots and maybe even plant a couple more Rose of Sharon in the back yard that I have in a pot of dirt.

That nice wooden bird house I bought now has two big holes in the bottom where cottin’ pickin’ carpenter bees got to it. They sure didn’t waste any time! So I’ll be making repairs on that. What really thrills me, besides the work inside that is being accomplished, and even more being done today, is that the cement edging blocks are ordered and will be delivered Friday afternoon. Thank you Lord we didn’t try to load them on pastor’s pick-up and wrestle with that job.

The handy man is coming today so hopefully we’ll have the gas stove hooked up and in position and the water line for the refrigerator ice maker, well that may take some time due to where it has to come from to where it has to go. We’ll see.

Things have really picked up again and if we can keep this kind of pace it will be time to start with the administration part of the ministry, but we aren’t there yet.

Will I get to finally start playing in the dirt again with putting the cement edging blocks down on Saturday ….or will the 60% chance for rain keep me grumbling at home?

See ya’ next time.

Blessings to you,

Into the Light Ministry

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