The Dream (34.)Are we Compromising on our Vision?

More has been done as pastor spent two days working and praise God he had a volunteer to help. When I arrived Friday afternoon to wait for the edging blocks. (Don’t you hate those 4 hour windows these companies give to arrive?) I walked through the house and saw a new light hanging over where the kitchen table will be, some new ceiling fans, the laundry room ceiling has been replaced but not quite finished, and entering a bedroom there are some tower kind of wire baskets sitting near the bottom of the closet. Hopefully they are not to replace a dresser or chest of drawers, is my thought.

A metal twin bed has been put together and another still in the box on the floor. Gazing at the bed a past image enters my mind and I’m seeing beds lined along the walls of a ward in the mental psych hospital in Phoenix, Arizona where I was employed while working my way through college. Shaking my head to dispel the mental image, I hear a truck outside and tear out the door to accept the edging blocks as the driver steps out of the truck.

Pastor and I need a meeting. Medal beds, a tower of wire baskets in the closet, and outdoor patio furniture in a living room is not what our original vision included. These women deserve better. Making one more trip through the house to make sure I saw what I thought I saw, I left with mixed emotions after the driver pulled away, but happy to see the flat of cement edging blocks.

Saturday morning I arrived early with my work clothes on, my sweat band and hat, a cooler with plenty of water and a small lunch. I knew this was going to take a while. Retrieving the shovels and tools from the back of my car, I’m ready to start the job that I’ve been waiting to do for several weeks.

The morning is cool and I’ve worked in the shade but by the time three hours have passed, with a couple of breaks to rest and hydrate, the sun is beginning to shine on the area I’m working on and its getting hot and I’m getting tired.

Standing back to see what I’ve accomplished I’m amazed. This old gal has succeeded in placing a double high edging the entire length, from where the front steps will be, to the end of the house. I only have about 5-6 feet more to go but the sun has gotten hot and I’ve decided to quit for now.

Looking at my watch while my belly growls, I think its time to rest the old body, eat my sandwich and chips, and drink that cold root beer I brought with me. I’ve done enough for today but boy does it look nice!

We’re expecting rain for a few days so I’ll be back when the rain stops and I have a chance to finish the job… the mud.

How long will that take? Hopefully not as long as the weather prediction says.

And please pray for the Lord’s direction for the furnishings for this home.

Blessings to you;

Into the Light Ministry

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